Drupal Community Governance Feedback
If you wish to share your thoughts on Drupal community organizing and governance please fill out the form below.

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If a question is unclear to you, feel free to add your interpretation of the question along with your response. These questions are meant to simply elicit a response. Interpret them as you like, or skip them and add all your thoughts to the open text box.

Governance here refers to how people in the community organize and interact with each other. Events, in-person and online interactions, code of conduct, working group membership, communications, etc. Technical decision making, like how Drupal core is managed, is out of scope.

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What is your top concern with our communities’ current governance?
Could you share a time in the community where an incident occurred and you were not sure what to do? Did it get resolved?
When was a time you experienced governance working well (in the Drupal/open source or other communities)?
What features have you seen in another governance model that we can learn from? Which feature? Which model?
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