Greenland Estate Interest Form
Don't wait to buy land, buy land and then wait. Land is for Royalty, are you royal? All the cities around Lagos get a big leverage from Lagos State, it's time for you to enjoy this leverage buy just doing a little. Don't be in a hurry to sell what you don't have, lock yours down here. One of the staff of A2W Estates will contact you.

Why The Greenland is so attractive.

1. From Lagos going to Abeokuta, The Greenland is on the left hand side of the expressway after the Shagamu exchange.

2. It is opposite Day Waterman College.

3. It is 12 minutes drive from NESTLÉ towards Abeokuta

4. It is 10 minutes drive from President Buhari Estates being constructed by Ogun State Government leaving Abeokuta towards the Shagamu exchange

5. Ogun State is constructing a 10-lane Abeokuta-Shagamu highway as well as a light rail from Abeokuta to Shagamu(this construction is already under way).

6. The road that leads to The Greenland is motorable.

7. A multinational company has just acquired a large hectareage of land for the construction of a production plant impacting on the value of The Greenland.

8. SEDFORT farms a multinational modern technology agribusiness company is 5min drive away from The Greenland on the same road.

9. Also, the Ogun State Government has acquired 1.5km inward from the express purposely for metropolitant development of the State.

10. Ogun State Government House is 15min drive away from The Greenland junction.

The current price of the land is #200,00/plot, the best time to buy yours is now.

We believe The Greenland is grossly underpriced. We are certain those who plug in now will make the most of their investments.
Receipt Contract of Sale, Deed of assignment, Global Survey and Global CofO (in view)
Payment can be made into A2W Estate Fidelity 4011090381 and fill the comfirmation form you will be given

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