Everfree Northwest 2020 Musician Application
The deadline for submissions is Saturday February 22nd, 2020.
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Name in the Fandom *
This is the name you go by in the fandom. It can be your legal name if that is what you are known by. If you are applying as a group, only one person from that group needs to submit this information.
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Contact Method *
We would prefer to use Discord to communicate with you (https://discordapp.com). Please list your Discord tag in the field below. However, if this is unavailable, please list your preferred contact method and info.
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Social Media Links
Include links to your Twitter/Facebook/Youtube/Bandcamp/Others here. List as many as you like, with the most important links listed first.
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What type of performer are you? *
Band, DJ, Singer, Rapper, Guitarist, Drummer, etc. What type of performance will you be bringing to the stage?
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What type/genre of music do you do? *
Please elaborate on the types and genres of music you would be performing.
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Which event(s) are you applying to perform? *
Ponystock is predominantly a concert event that typically involves high energy live performances. The Grand Galloping Gala is a much more low-key event involving more familiar fandom songs for the audience to enjoy. For example, a solo artist or band performing mostly their own work would be more suitable to Ponystock, and a DJ who does not produce their own music but wants to perform popular songs for the audience to enjoy is more suitable to the Grand Galloping Gala. Please note that you are welcome to apply for both if you are capable of performing in either scenario, and may be accepted to perform at both events if necessary.
If you have you previously performed at any MLP:FiM Conventions, please list some them. *
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What percentage of pony music do you intend to include in your set? *
Since this is an MLP:FiM Convention, we would like to hear music from the fandom. This includes show songs, remixes, pony inspired originals, and anything generally related to the fandom. Please indicate what percentage of pony music you will be including in your set. Preference will be shown to those musicians who intend on playing a majority of pony music.
Do you understand that Everfree Northwest is a family-friendly event and that all content must be rated PG at maximum? *
What equipment, if any, will you be bringing?
Laptops, Turntables, Guitars, Drums, etc.
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What equipment will you need?
We provide the stage, microphones, speakers, and 1/4", 1/8th", RCA Stereo, and XLR connectors. For video, we provide the projector and the screen, and accept video output via HDMI (with embedded audio if necessary), SDI, VGA, or you can simply provide video content via a USB drive. This is for both Ponystock and The Grand Galloping Gala. In addition to this, what equipment will you need that you cannot bring yourself?
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Other than a 3 day badge, what other accommodations would you require? *
Our funds are limited, but we may be able to help out with something if absolutely necessary.
Not Needed
Other Travel Costs (eg. equipment)
Hotel Rooming
Appearance Fee
If any special accommodations are requested, please elaborate:
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Additional Information
If there is anything else you wish to include that you feel may increase your chances of acceptance, or any additional information in general that needs more description than what we have already asked, please list it here.
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