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Hi! Thanks for your interest in our coworking space. We are piloting a part-time or "Shiftwork" membership for limited hours and reduced dues. A Shiftwork membership would allow you to work in the space for 25 hours/week. You'd have 24/7 key access, so it would be up to you which 25 hours you use. Full members have dedicated desk space; Shiftworkers don't, but you would have a guaranteed place to work at our family table or other common areas. Shiftworkers are also not able to bring collaborators into the space or host events or meetings. Full membership costs $175-250 (sliding scale); Shiftwork slots cost $75-150 (sliding scale).

If you're interested in applying for full membership, see here:

Otherwise, thanks for taking a few minutes to answer our questions below. Since we are a consensus-based organization comprised of 12-14 busy people, we can at times be a slow-moving beast. We appreciate your patience; somebody will contact you soon.
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Is it for-profit or non-profit? Are you a freelancer or do you work for a company or employer? Do you have clients? If so, who are they? What are the primary goals of your work? Is the work you'd like to do at Make Shift your primary source of income? If not, what is your "day job" and how (if at all) does it relate to the work you'd like to do here?
What would you expect to do in the space? *
Computer work, phone calls, drawing, screenprinting, some combination of these...?
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Do you hope or plan to apply for full membership down the road? Or would a Shiftworker membership be just right for your needs? *
Make Shift Boston is a space for artists and activists doing values-minded and creative work. How does your work fit into the Make/Shift artist/activist model? *
We do ask that full members' work fit this model; we don't require the same of Shiftworkers, but we would be interested to hear it if indeed your work does, or if you have any other thoughts about it.
Please read our mission statement and values (use this link to access them: How would your presence and/or your work in the space help further our mission and values? How would joining our space reflect your own personal values? *
How did you hear about Make Shift?
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Did somebody refer you? Put their name and email below so they can receive a $25 cash bonus if you join!
Is there anything else you'd like to add? Do you have any questions for us?
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