Table Hostess Registration & Guidelines
Holiday Tea Party
Event Date: December 5, 2020 (Saturday)
Event Address: Killeen Civic & Conference Center, 3601 S WS Young Dr, Killeen. (Ballroom A & B)
*Proceeds will be donated to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Project: Spread a Lil Love
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As a Table Hostess, you agree to the following guidelines: (please respond with your Initials to the following ...)
Decorate your table and/or chairs with any Christmas decor you'd like. All tables will be judged by ALL guests. 3 winners will be chosen and awarded fabulous prizes (to include cash) *
If you'd like to purchase all 8 seats at your table, the fee is $100 from 4/1 - 8/31. *
Include a tea pot and/or set with your decor (it doesn’t have to match), plates, eating utensils, napkins, teacups, etc. for your table. *
Guest Tickets Prices will be posted in April (there will be coupon codes so be on the lookout). Tickets will be purchased via Same website you’ll purchase your table :) *No children ages 0-13 please* *
You can share the Table Host responsibility with someone else but this price is for ONE host so please be sure you purchase a guest ticket for the person helping you. *
You’ll need to provide a list of your table guests prior to the event so be sure to keep track of that for a smooth opening at the tea party (this is if you sell tickets for your table). *
Be able to serve your guests with hot water for their tea. *
Be able to serve your guests at any time during the tea party (they will serve their own food). *
Pick up all trash from your guests/table throughout tea party & keep area clean. *
Per the Killeen Civic & Conference Center - All decorative materials must be flame proof or otherwise enclosed in a fish bowl, hurricane glass cover, etc. Prohibited materials include: straw, hay, glitter, confetti, rice, sequins, artificial snow, red rose petals, silly string, fog machines, misting machines & vapor machines. *
If you choose to use any decor with any of the above mentioned and it ruins any of the furniture or flooring at the Killeen Civic Center, you will be billed for the damages. *
The Killeen Civic & Conference Center charges a $300 clean up fee for glitter & confetti if it’s visible on chairs, tables & floors. You will be charged this fee if this happens due to your decor. (I promise I’m not being mean) :) *
The room set up will include round tables with 8 chairs, one is yours. A linen tablecloth is also included. If you’d like to use a different tablecloth with your decor, please let me know ahead of time. *
Setup hours are 830am - 1230pm. You have 4 hours to decorate your table, please use it wisely! Doors open at 2:30p so ALL tables hosts should be back by 2:00p to greet the guests. *
If you have a business and would like to include information in the goodie bags, you may do so at no extra charge. Please provide 50 inserts for the goodie bags if you decide to do so. You’ll need to deliver those in person no later than 11/01/20. *
The event coordinator, volunteers, organization, venue, or affiliates are not responsible for any losses, damages, illness, injuries of any kind. *
All sales are final. No refunds. But it is tax deductible! EIN 81-1811161 *
Would you like to have about 5 minutes to speak about your table decor? *
I have read, understand & agree to the Holiday Tea Party Table Hostess Guidelines above. (first & last name please) - Please return to the website to complete Step 2 (payment) once you've submitted this form. Thank you. :) *
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