BIPS Feedback Form - Montessori Wing(2021-22)
Let the child explore, examine, investigate and unfold himself/herself to attain optimum potential.
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Please rate your experience with us and about our services on scale of 1-10. *
( 10=Happy, 9=Satisfied, 8=Ok, 7=Need Improvement, 1-6=Poor )
Please give your suggestions to take academic, co-curricular, music, dance, execution of online events at BIPS to a way higher pedestal.
Please suggest a topic you think would help your child/family. For example, Nutrition - Why drinking milk and eating veggies and pulses are important? Good Touch, Bad Touch,  Emergency numbers, Hygiene & Sanitation, Respect All, Care and Share, Help Mom & Other Family Members, Tidy Study Area, Sense of Independent Dressing up.
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NOTE: Please note that we intend to use valuable information filled by you only to provide the little munchkins  the best education and lifelong skills or to obtain your genuine feedback in relation to your experience with BIPS.
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