The Winter Draft Series Signup
The Winter Draft Series (TWDS) is a team draft (kickball style) tournament brought to you by the Myth Council. Team sizes will depend on the number of players that signup.

In this tournament format, players will be ranked by the Gate of Storms community and captains will draft their teams.

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Gate of Storms Player Name
Captionless Image
Do you want to be captain?
Volunteer ONLY if you can make most if not all games. Captains will be selected by the Myth Council.
What match times are you most likely to attend? (EST time zone)
Most likely
Maybe/Maybe not
Probably never
Weekday morning (7am-12pm)
Weekday afternoon (12pm-6pm)
Weekday evening or late night (6pm-12am)
Weekend morning (7am-12pm)
Weekend afternoon (12pm-6pm)
Weekend evening or late night (6pm-12am)
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