Proyecto LIFE-REPOLYUSE                                 REcovery of POLYurethane for reUSE                       in eco-efficient materials
PROYECT LIFE16 ENV/ES/000254                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Co-funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Union
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LIFE-REPOLYUSE is a European Union Project that has implemented a new technology, which integrates polyurethane foam waste (PUR, PUF, PIR), in a new construction material, a gypsum ceiling tile for removable ceilings.
Polyurethane foam waste
The new material has been tested in accordance with the sector's regulations to certify its technical viability, it has achieved an A1 classification in Reaction to fire tests, and the material has the CE mark.    
It is important to highlight the reduction in weight of the new tiles (28%) compared to a tile manufactured without waste. This has allowed an increase in the performance of the installation (a considerable reduction in the effort required for movement and an increase in the speed of installation).                  
The new material consumes less gypsum (31.6%) and water (25.71%) in its manufacture. Furthermore, the product's LCA indicates a reduction of (19%) of CO2 and a saving of (16.6%) of energy to produce it, compared to a standard product.
The present survey aims to find out the possible acceptance of the technology developed in the LIFE-REPOLYUSE Project and the demand for this type of product (Removable Ceiling Tiles) by the construction sector and the local environment (promoters, designers, contractors and users).
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