Fēnix Power Fixed Storage Product Survey
As many of you may have seen, and some of you have placed reservations for, we're developing our own home storage product as a companion to our EV battery solution. Our product in development will use the same battery modules we're working on, and work as a companion product for our EV battery customers with the same convenient subscription options. However, in discussions with BigBattery, we have a possible new non-EV storage opportunity that our customers and followers may find interesting.

We'll keep this survey short, and may send out a more detailed version later, If we get enough interest, we may put this option into motion quite quickly as there aren't many technical hurdles.

For the following questions, consider your interest in a large fixed electrical storage product for use in the home, business, or other uses.
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When considering any fixed storage product, what is most important about it for your needs?
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