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Social action and change.
Social action is young people taking practical action to help others to create positive social change that benefits the wider community as well as to the young people themselves.
Is there any social action you would like to take to help young people in Southampton?
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Have you heard of our loneliness campaign?
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Where have you had contact with No Limits services?
Please pick ONE location or project you've had the most contact with in the last 6 months
How do you feel about the service you have had? Please say how much you agree or disagree with each of these statements:
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I am happy with the service I have received
The staff knew what they were talking about
I was kept up to date with progress
The staff listened to what I had to say
The information and advice I had was easy to understand
I was treated fairly at all times
It was easy to make contact with the service for the first time
I think young people are involved enough in planning, running and reviewing services
I find the No Limits website easy to use
How do you get information about No Limits' services? (choose no more than 3 options please)
How did you first make contact with the No Limits service you have had?
Would you recommend No Limits to someone else if they needed advice or support?
What difference do you think the support you have had from No Limits has made to you? Please give us an answer for any of these areas of your life that have been affected - you can answer about as many of them as you like:
Improved a lot
Improved a little
Not changed
Got a little worse
Got a lot worse
I didn't ask for support with this
My levels of stress have..
My understanding of my rights has...
My ability to deal with my problems has...
My knowledge of where to get help has...
My feelings about the future have...
My housing situation has...
My income has...
The way I manage my money has...
My ability to cope with education/training/employment has...
My family situation has...
The way other people cope with me (my behaviour) has...
My health has...
My confidence has...
My overall enjoyment of life has...
My control over my life has...
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