Damani Gibson Foundation Overcoming Adversity Scholarship Application
The Damani Gibson Foundation is accepting scholarship applications from 2021 graduating seniors who have overcome adversity. All responses are due by August 21 2021.
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What school are you graduating from?
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What is your GPA and SAT/ACT score (verification will be required prior to funds being distributed)
What other scholarships/ financial aid are you receiving? Please list sources and amounts. What is the amount of deficit remaining? What is your plan for covering remaining deficit if you receive this $1,000 scholarship?
Submit an essay describing the adversity you have experienced. Please include what you have/are learning from the hardship. If you have overcome it what/who has helped you?
What do you plan to study in college/trade school? Why did you choose this field? What is the starting salary for someone in this field?
Has your hardship/adversity had any impact on your chosen field of study? (saying no does not disqualify you).
What community service projects have you participated in? Please include dates of events, your role, and the hours volunteered. (verification will be required prior to funds being distributed). Volunteer hours are not required to receive scholarship but having hours will be helpful.
How do you plan to impact your community/society?
Did you know Damani? (This answer does not impact application) If yes, please tell us about the impact he had on your life?
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