Cudy Internship Application Form
Dear applicant,

We would like to thank you for your choosing our company for your internship.

You are receiving this internship application form as you are considered as a candidate for the internship position that you are applying for.

Our company believes in providing a meaningful opportunities for our prospect interns and hence our recruitment team will thoroughly screen through every internship application form submission. Our recruitment team is committed to providing a quick outcome to your interest, hence we have created this form to streamline the process of interviewing and assessing candidates for our internship opportunities that we are offering.

The internship hiring process has two rounds:
Round 1 - Internship e-interview/application form
Round 2 - Face-to-face interview (for shortlisted applicants from Round 1)

There will be 4 sections of this internship application form, which will consist of e-interview questionnaires. All answers provided in this internship application form will be scrutinised by the recruitment team and will carry weight on your outcome.

You will find in this internship application form, the following 5 sections, which should not take you more than 15 minutes to fill in:
Section 1 - Personal Particulars (4 min)
Section 2 - Personal Preferences (5 min)
Section 3 - Industry Knowledge (5 min)
Section 4 - Acknowledgement and Submission (1 min)

Please prepare the following documents in digital format for upload in Section 2:
1. Resume/CV (in PDF)
2. Internship Challenge (in PDF)
3. Portfolio (in PDF) - optional
4. Hexaco results (in PDF) - optional

Eligibility for foreigners:
1. Must currently be staying in Singapore
2. Valid work pass/student pass throughout entire internship period
3. Still studying full-time in one of the education institutions listed (

We wish you all the best in your application.

Warmest regards,
Recruitment team

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Personal Particulars
First Name *
Full Name *
As printed in your NRIC/FIN/Passport.
Citizenship Status *
For foreign applicants: are you currently based in Singapore?
Start date *
End date
If you do not have a end date in mind or is unconfirmed, leave this field blank and proceed on to "Projected Commitment Period".
Unknown end date: Projected Commitment Period *
If "End date" is unconfirmed, indicate how long you are available for this internship.
Interested Internship Position *
Internship Type *
Full-time internship/employment working conditions:
Days: Monday to Friday*
Time: 9.30am - 6.30pm (including lunch break)**
Venue: Block B, 10 Winstedt Road, Singapore 227977
Attire: Casual

* & ** Working conditions are flexible for part-timers and discussed upon shortlisting. Full-timers will be required to complete a minimum of 40 hours per week.

For foreigners not based in Singapore, type your passport number.
Contact Number *
For non-local numbers, please include the country code. (e.g. +65 98765432)
Residential Address *
Local address only. (e.g. #B1-40 Blk 60 Stamford Road)
Postal Code *
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For Foreigners: visa/permit/pass type
Applicable to foreigners only. If not applicable, skip to "Employment Status".
For Foreigners: expiry date of visa/pass
Applicable to foreigners only. If not applicable, skip to "Employment Status".
Employment Status *
Age *
What is your age this year?
Date of Birth *
Gender *
Race *
Religion *
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Medical Condition *
Have you suffered, or are suffering from any medical condition, illness, disease, metal illness or physical impairment? If the answer is "Yes" please specify.
If you have chosen "Yes" please specify
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