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Umbra Lab Service and Products Description
It is Umbra Lab’s objective to give early customers preferred access and priority tasking. The information below is an overview of the opportunities for tasking, accepting, processing, and licensing of Umbra Lab data, which we can tailor to the needs of our early customers based on their indicated priorities and areas of interest.

The programs and methods described in this document are non-binding, and for discussion purposes only. Neither Umbra, nor potential customers will be obligated to pursue any possible transaction or business relationship unless and until the parties enter into a binding (definitive) agreement with respect thereto.
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Business Focus
Umbra Lab will provide the customer with an Application Programming Interface (API) functioning as the primary point of access. Through the API, the customer may programmatically access our mission programming services to determine available times satisfying imaging constraints, place orders for SAR data, and retrieve collected data.
How do you want to task?
Following data collection, the customer may retrieve requested data through the API. In the event collection does not occur as scheduled, notifications will be forwarded via the API.
How do you want the data?
Expect our pricing to be competitive with panchromatic and multispectral optical imagery of equivalent resolution.

Mosaic pricing reflects a SICD formatted dataset incorporating one or more scenes, with a nominal 4 km x 4 km dimension, arranged within a radial distance of 30 km from a central point. Mosaic scenes may be contiguous, but continuity is not required. The customer may therefore optimize cost by selecting discrete scenes to image within a much larger area of interest.
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Given the information above, how much Umbra data do you anticipate purchasing? This data helps us prioritize partners.
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This letter is not intended to create any legally binding obligations on either institution, but rather is intended to facilitate discussions regarding general areas of cooperation.

We look forward to continuing engagement with Umbra Lab and hope this marks the beginning of a successful and beneficial business relationship.
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