Marketing and Customer Service Associate Screening Questions.
Thank you for taking a moment to answer these questions. This is a new position that will report to the Marketing Manager. Our intent of this form is to best understand your skill and intent for this opportunity. Our hope is to speak with candidates this week in order to then schedule interviews with the company we are assisting.
Please enter your first and last name. *
Please let us know how you found out about this opportunity. *
If you specialize in a platform or area of marketing, what would that be? *
What would you say is your biggest accomplishment in regard to digital marketing? *
What would you say is your biggest accomplishment in regard to print marketing? *
How did you measure your accomplishments? *
Please indicate the ORDER OF IMPORTANCE in regard to customer service. Using all numbers from 1-5, make your selections with #1 being the most important, and #5 being the least important. *
There is no "wrong" answer; we are looking at your view of importance.
Solving the problem quickly.
Listening to the complaint/problem.
Ensure the complaint/problem is understood.
Internal communication to involved departments.
Following up with the customer
How does a position as a Marketing and Customer Service Associate align with your career goals? *
Do you have a preference for working within a large company or a small company? Why? *
Please describe your proficiency level with various applications. *
Never Used
Pretty Good
Pretty Awesome
Certified or "Magician"
HootSuite, HubSpot, Srinklr, ZoHo or Social Media Management‎
Any CRM Software
Newsletters/Email Marketing
Have you used Expandable CRM or similar programs in past opportunities? *
In a paragraph or more, please answer the following: If you are told by various departments and clients that their need is your #1 priority for that day, how would you resolve this dilemma to ensure the best outcome for all? *
Do you have any weekday scheduling conflicts or trips scheduled in the next four (4) months that we should know about? This is not to preclude you from this opportunity, but rather to ensure we are able to provide transparent information at the time of a possible offer of employment. *
We realize that schedules may change or appointments may be made after this information is provided. Please indicate "None" if appropriate.
This position is full time and will generally follow standard business hours. The company is located in Tempe, within a few miles of where the 101 and the 202 intersect. Will these hours and this location to report to each work day be reasonable for you to commit to? *
Are you able to travel nationally, on occasion, to marketing and/or conference events? *
What is the best phone number to reach you at? *
Do we have permission to text you directly about this opportunity? *
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