Residual Income Partner Questionnaire
Take the following survey to unlock the secrets of partnering with me and the incredible benefits of building residual income. We're diving deep into the opportunities, strategies, and rewards that come with it. Don't miss out on this chance to transform your financial future and create more time for the things you love. Let's embark on this journey together! 💼💰
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Hi! I'm Jana Brown. I can't wait to connect.... what is your name? *
There are no set hours. You can work whenever you want! The average is about 4hrs a week. Can you devote at least 4rs per week to building your residual income? *
 You do have the option to build a team & capitalize on the concept on leverage. I'm curious, do you have any experience in Network Marketing? *
The majority of what we do is done in the evenings are weekends although not required. Are you available in the evenings and weekends? *
This opportunity attracts people from many backgrounds! What is your current occupation? *
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You will hear from me within 72 hrs! Do you prefer text or email?
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Meet Jana, the Resilient Mompreneur! 🌟

Widowed but never defeated, Jana is a powerhouse of strength and determination. She's a loving mother of two, rocking the world of network marketing for over a decade. With her heart of gold and a decade of expertise, she's your go-to guru for building that sweet, sweet residual income. Life's full of ups and downs, but Jana's here to prove that every challenge is just a stepping stone to success. 💪💼💰 She began her journey to financial success with only $70 to her name and turned it into $30k in 11 months. Since then she has paid off 2 vehicles, paid off thousands in credit card debt, put her kids though private school and eventually home school, all as a widow.

She loves working with driven and determined people who want to change his or her financial circumstances.

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