Chapter President
Member advocate and Executive Board organizer!

The role of the chapter president is to be a liaison between members and the public relations and mass communications professional community, both locally and nationally. The chapter president is “the face of the organization.” The president must advocate for not only board and chapter members, but also the local community and be socially responsible, focusing efforts on diversity and inclusion.

Minimum Experience: The president must be in good academic standing (2.5 GPA) and complete Student Involvement courses after election. This role is designed for a thought leader, problem solver and creative thinker.

Time Commitment: This leadership role has a minimum of 2 hours of professional development stewardship communications and participation every week. This may increase due to events, conferences, or initiatives, but is manageable by prioritization, organization and delegation.

Chapter President Responsibilities:
- Oversee board members and give them guidance/resources
- Manage the relationship with PRSA-SV, PRSSA National Committee and JMC
- Facilitate large scale event communications and logistics (conferences, funding initiatives, etc.)
- Guide student members to appropriate resources
- Communicate society needs and updates with professional and faculty advisors
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Applicants may only submit applications for three roles, so chose carefully.
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Please keep all written responses to 250 words or less. Contact immediate past president, Hina Janjua, with any questions, but please use your best judgment.
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