Nourishing Literacy 2018/2019 Free Library Field Trip

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What to Expect During Your Nourishing Literacy Field Trip
Nourishing Literacy is the Free Library of Philadelphia's Culinary Literacy Center’s multidisciplinary school visit program, entering its fifth year. Lessons connect cooking to literacy, nutrition, and the Common Core standards.

The cooking classes run for either 90 minutes (PK through 1st grade) or 105 minutes (2nd through 8th grade). An additional 30 minutes total is needed for the group to travel by elevator back and forth between the library lobby and the Culinary Literacy Center, on the fourth floor of Parkway Central.

Classes are led by an experienced Kitchen Teacher. Students are given expectations and information at the doorway of the Culinary Literacy Center, before entering the space. Kitchen safety is reviewed thoroughly before students begin cooking. Students are encouraged to work in a self-guided way as much as possible, practicing skills and navigating solutions with their peers. Time for eating together is built into the class. An accompanying classroom teacher packet is shared via email a few weeks before your visit, with resource and activity ideas related to the cooking lesson, for optional classroom extensions.
Nourishing Literacy Currently Serves PK through 8th Grade Students
We have occasional, limited opportunities available for high school groups. If interested in your class being considered/added to a wait list for these limited high school opportunities, please email Nourishing Literacy Program Manager, Shayna Marmar, marmars(at), with this request.
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Teacher Cell Phone Request
Teacher cell phones are used to give last-minute information if-needed, and/or as a second method of contact, in the chance that there is any complication with email communication.
Students with Language Needs, Behavior Needs &/or Other Special Needs
Having as much information about the students' needs before the cooking class helps our team to modify and prepare for each group, if-/as-needed. This information is only used for our planning and teaching purposes.
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Students with Allergy & Dietary Restrictions
We accommodate student food restriction needs. Advance notice allows us to order needed ingredients.
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Nourishing Literacy at the Branches
We are offering a limited set of Nourishing Literacy classes during the 2018/2019 school year at both Blackwell Regional and Lillian Marrero branches. If interested in being considered for one of these limited opportunities instead of, and/or in addition to a Culinary Literacy Center visit, please email Nourishing Literacy Program Manager, Shayna Marmar, marmars(at), with this request.
Additional Library Department Visit Opportunities
Nourishing Literacy works closely with the Children's Department and Teen Central at Parkway Central. If interested in adding a visit to one of these departments, in addition to the Culinary Literacy Center, we can assist in planning a longer day for your group. These visits connect to the cooking class themes, and add an additional 15 to 30 minutes (PK through 1st grade) or 30 to 60 minutes (4th through 8th grade) to the total field trip time. Library department visits can take place either after or before your cooking class, based on department availability and time of day. If interested in learning more about how to structure an extended visit to the library, please be in touch with Program Manager, Shayna Marmar.
Student Library Cards
If any of your students did not receive a library card at the end of the 2017/2018 school year, and if you are interested in your students bringing their library cards on the day of their Culinary Literacy Center field trip, please be in touch. We can bring or mail your class library card applications, and/or send information about the online application process.

Grade Level Cooking Class Blocks
Grade levels are scheduled in monthly blocks. When selecting preferred times/months, please keep in mind that the more options given, the easier it will be to schedule your group.
PK through 1st Grade
2nd through 4th Grade
5th through 8th Grade
Available Days of the Week & Times
Please let us know which day or days work for your group, as well as preferred time availability. The more options that we are given, the easier it will be for us to schedule your group.
Preferred Days & Arrival Times *
School Site Visit
If at least two teachers from your school are scheduled for a cooking class within the same grade level block, we are able to offer each class a 30-minute visit at your school site, extending the learning done in the Culinary Literacy Center. These visits can be scheduled before or after your group's cooking class. These site visits are available on Wednesday and Thursday, with the visits running between the hours of either 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM or 12:00 to 2:00 PM.
Best Days of the Week & Times for a School Site Visit *
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Requested Donation
To cover the cost of ingredients and materials, there is a requested donation of $5 to $10 per student. No student or class is ever turned away due to lack of funds. Do you anticipate that partial, full, or no donations will be made for your class? We ask that you consolidate all donations collected into a single check made out to the "Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation," and bring the check with you on the day of your visit.
Anticipated Student Donations *
Chaperone Participation
Chaperones are appreciated, but not required. We recommend 2 to 4 chaperones for PK through 2nd grade classes, and 1 to 2 chaperones for 3rd through 8th grade classes.
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Questions or Anything to Add?
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Thank you!
We are grateful for your time and interest. We are hopeful that we will be able to accommodate your class!
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