Keene Perspectives RBT Supervision Log
This log is designed to track RBT Supervision for all Keene Perspectives RBT Supervisees. Each RBT must obtain ongoing supervision for a minimum of 5% of the hours spent providing behavior-analytic services per month.
Documentation information can be found at the BACB website or for a quick reference, please see the information listed at the bottom of the form.
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RBT supervision activities may include the following:

• Development of performance expectations
• Observation, behavioral skills training, and delivery of performance feedback
• Modeling technical, professional, and ethical behavior
• Guiding the development of problem-solving and ethical decision-making repertoires
• Review of written materials (e.g., daily progress notes, data sheets)
• Oversight and evaluation of the effects of behavior-analytic service delivery
• Ongoing evaluation of the effects of supervision
Structure of supervision:
Supervision must include at least 2 face-to-face, real-time contacts per month. The supervisor must observe the RBT providing services in at least one of the monthly meetings. In-person, onsite observation is preferred. However, this may be conducted via web cameras, videoconferencing, or similar means in lieu of the supervisor being physically present. Although only one observation is required, the BACB encourages direct observation of service delivery as much as possible. At least 1 of the 2 supervision sessions must be individual (i.e., RBT and supervisor), but the other may occur
in a small-group meeting. Small-group meetings are interactive meetings in which 2-10 RBTs who share similar
experiences participate. If non-RBTs are present during the meeting, their participation should be limited so as to
increase the interaction opportunities of RBTs.
Documentation Requirements for RBTS
These documents can be stored in the Keene Perspectives Shared Drive for RBTs.

Documentation Maintained by Registered Behavior Technician (RBT):

☐ 40-hour training certificate
☐ RBT Competency Assessment
☐ Documentation that supervision was conducted in accordance with the RBT supervision requirements
(5%, 2 face-to-face meetings, 1 direct observation)
☐ Annual renewal with signed attestation by RBT of supervision in accordance with BACB standards
Documentation Requirements Credentialing Coordinator/Supervisor
☐ Original documentation of ongoing supervision* including:
• Date of meetings
• Documentation of two face-to-face meetings per month, including:
- At least one of the two meetings includes a one-on-one meeting
- At least one of the two meetings includes direct observation of the RBT working with a client
• Documentation that 5% of behavior-analytic service hours were supervised
☐ Ability to demonstrate a background check occurred, including:
• Background check conducted in line with requirements for home health aides, child care professional,
and/or teachers in the community where services are provided
• Background check was conducted within 180 days of submitting application
• Documented the background check company name
Note: For your convenience, see the below Sample RBT Supervision Log for an example of supervision tracking
that could meet the BACB’s RBT Supervision Standards.
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