2 The Max BETA test invite
This form is designed for us to be able to select an optimal variety of beta testers from around the world

By submitting your data in the questionnaire you accept that we collect and store the data from the form until the BETA test is finished. We require your email in order to create your user profile.

Invites will last approx. two weeks, at which point we will analyze the collected data.
Users selected for the BETA test will receive more information directly by email including login details.

The BETA test is scheduled to begin on 19th August, 2019 and will last approx. 3 weeks after which all participants will be rewarded with a BETA tester badge on their user profile.
Additionally all user names will enter a raffle from which we will draw 3 winners, whom will be gifted a voucher for 6 months prepaid subscription (max. 1 per participant).

From the end of the test we expect it will take no longer than 4 weeks to correct any malfunctions or bugs.
After the 4 weeks we will be deleting all submitted data related to the BETA test.

We kindly refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service on www.2tm.gg for any further information.

Thank you all very much for your interest and help.

Best regards,
2 The Max
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