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If you live in an apartment, we need their number to verify that Huskies are on their accepted breed list. *
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We require a hold/deposit or waiting list fee of $100 that comes off the total price of the puppy. We cannot hold a puppy and have he/she miss out on a different potential home just so you can "think about it." (Just making everyone aware of this. We've been stood up too many times.) It DOES come off the total balance. *
I say it everywhere on this website, but feel I need to add it here too, that if you place a deposit, it is *non-refundable* if you back out, so don't be doing this unless you are 100% sure you are going to get the puppy. It isn't my fault if you change your mind. *We will refund ONLY if something happens to the puppy while he/she is here.* *
If approved and if you have picked a particular puppy to put a deposit on, that is the same puppy you will be meeting when it's time to take him/her home. We have never taken more offered money on a puppy that already has a deposit fair and square. (I find that insulting). We guarantee that the puppies posted as available are the actual puppies available. I don't have time to make up imaginary ones.
Do you have a preference for AKC or CKC? (Differences are linked on the Available Puppies and the FAQ's page.) Yes or no
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Is this puppy for you, your friend, your friend's friend, or your friend's friend's friend? *
If you are wanting this puppy for a girlfriend/boyfriend, who gets custody of the puppy if/when you break up? *Sorry to sound cynical here, but it does happen.* *
Do you plan on breeding your puppy? (Be honest. If you plan on breeding, I need to know simply because I want to make sure the pup you receive will likely be breeding quality and not related to what you already have. We will pull pedigrees and compare. The last thing I want is for a pup to pass an undesired physical trait - like a double curled tail or be somebody's brother's sister's cousin or something like that.) *
Do you hereby agree to take care of the puppy for the extent of his/her life of up to 16 years? *
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We must be kept aware of the puppy's whereabouts in the event you move. This is not because I plan on doing a home visit, (I don't have that kind of time) but so when we are audited we can show we know where our puppies are. If you have a problem doing this, we thank you for making it this far, but our pups can't go with you. That is not our rule, but a state rule. Please type your initials affirming you understand and agree to keep us updated. *
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Last but not least - Take a moment and tell us about yourself - what your plans for the puppy are - what you know about Siberians. If you tell me you "know everything," then you don't need a puppy. We are still learning ourselves, and we've been around these guys for a very long time. I'm not saying you gotta be Einstein, but I would like more than "my kid will throw sticks for it." This helps us get an idea of what personality type will suit you better. *
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Congratulations - you've made it to the end. Are you sure you still want one from us? *
One last thing - I am really quick about contacting people who have devoted enough time to answer this form - usually under 3-4 hours unless it's the middle of the night. (I gotta sleep sometime.) *
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