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Participants register for the challenge to be eligible for prize drawings and then download the free eHealth Challenge app to guide them through the 28-day challenge.

Each day of the challenge registered participants receive daily 🍎 healthy habit tips, access to🍴healthy recipes, 😀 motivational 🎬 resources and other helpful tools to help them achieve their health goals🏋🏃. 

There's NO COST 💸 to join the challenge. You simply must be excited 😀 to get healthy, have a specific goal 🎯 you want to achieve and be willing to participate🎖.

This is a great opportunity to partner up with friends, family and co-workers on the journey to better health regardless of where they're at in their health journey.

No weight loss is required to participate in the challenge or the prize drawings.

Our challenges are wildly successful because we focus on creating healthy, sustainable habits not just dieting, detoxing or exercising. Each day of the 28-Day eHealth Challenge we choose a simple habit of health tip to focus on and we offer a fun daily prize drawing to those who share their daily progress to keep them accountable and improve their results!

We also provide an optional personal health coaching program with 1:1 coaching, done for you meal plans and a proven optimal health system for those looking for more support, simplicity and structure during and/or after the challenge.

What do participants receive?
- Free app and Downloadable eHealth Challenge Habit Tracker
- Daily Health Tips/Challenges, Videos, & Recipes 
- Access to Private Facebook Group with Network of Motivated People
- Weekly Webinars on How to Adopt the Habits of Health
- Access to a Certified Coach for Support and Accountability
- A Proven Optimal Health™ System
- Access to virtual clinic (nutritionist, dietitian, etc.)

How do you participate?

Step 1. Register below and let the person know who invited you that you registered so they can share more details and add you to the private Facebook group (nobody outside the group sees who's in the group or the posts/comments) 

Step 2. Download the Challenge App and start practicing Healthy Habits when the challenge starts:

- Healthy Mind/Learning - Check the app daily to read the Daily Challenge Tip and/or participate in the Facebook Group for encouragement, tips, recipes, etc.

- Healthy Hydration - strive to drink 64+ oz. of water daily.

- Healthy Nutrition - follow a healthy eating plan to achieve your goals. If you need assistance with creating a plan reach out to the coach who invited you to participate.

- Healthy Exercise - be active and get in daily activity and exercise to achieve your fitness/movement goals.

- Healthy Sleep/Energy Management - Practice healthy sleep habits and strive to get 7-8 hrs. of sleep each night. 

Step 3. Complete the Daily Check In Form every day before 11:59 pm to collect healthy habits points, track your progress, and to be eligible for daily cash prize drawings!

How do I invite others to join?

Share the link with them and on social media and let them know you registered and challenge them to join you! It is the perfect time for you to create a healthier you and we are excited to be partnered with you!
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