Registration Form for Tutoring Sessions (Block 4) 2020/2021
Please use this form to sign up for weekly individual/group tutoring!

After filling out the full form, the Director of Tutoring will be contacting you via e-mail as soon as possible to discuss your tutoring sessions and put you in touch with your tutor.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jaanika (Director for Tutoring) via email:
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Your phone number is solely there as a means for you to coordinate the dates and times of your sessions with your tutor. If you are not comfortable with ELSA sharing your phone number with your tutor, please leave this section blank.
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Please note that we can't absolutely guarantee a specific type of tutoring as it depends on the amount of students signing up.
By registering, I understand that ELSA Tutoring serves as supplementary means to improve my academic skills in the subjects provided by the faculty. This does not mean that the lectures and working groups can be skipped.
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