Annunciation Parish Survey - December 2019
As we plan for the future, the Pastoral Council requests your help in identifying the needs and concerns of our parish.
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What is the most important need for our parish to focus on in the next one to three years?
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What is the greatest challenge facing the parish?
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Are you happy with the present Mass times at Annunciation Parish?
Mass times - Comments/Suggestions
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What methods of communication work best for you and your family to receive parish information? (check all that apply)
How likely are you to do the following in the next year?
1 = Not at all
2 = Only a little
3 = Somewhat
4 = Very much
5 = Don't know or N/A
Attend a parish activity or function besides Mass
Invite someone to attend one of the parish services or activities
Participate in a small faith sharing group
Volunteer for a parish ministry
Spend time learning more about your faith
Regularly read the Bible
What are some ways that you think we could make our Parish more welcoming for new visitors?
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Have you attended an Adult Faith Enrichment program at Annunciation Parish in the last three years?
If you answered 'yes' to the the question above:
Was it a good experience?
Would you consider attending one in the future?
Comments concerning Adult Faith Enrichment programs:
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If you would consider attending Adult Faith Enrichment programs in the future, in which areas would you most likely participate? (check all that apply)
If you checked 'other', please explain:
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Youth/Young Adult (ages 18-35) Activities: Please indicate in which of the following activities you would be most likely participate? (check all that apply)
Youth/Young Adult Activities suggestions:
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What priority do you give the following for the parish? *
1 = None
2 = Only a little
3 = Some
4 = High
5 = Don't know or N/A
Children's Religious Education
Youth/Young Adult Ministry
Adult Faith Formation
Providing retreat Opportunities
Outreach to inactive Catholics
Ministry to the divorced and separated
Ministry to those grieving
Visitation of the sick and home bound
Providing opportunities for parishioners to help the needy
If you wish to be contacted to become more involved in parish ministries, please provide your name and telephone number.
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