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We know that LEx Leaders are working tirelessly across the UK, across industries and across sectors. Many are running their own organisations, community groups/networks, enterprises and projects. From charity leads running support services, to social entrepreneurs working on youth justice, to academics leading community-orientated recovery practice, and much, much more. . Others are working as intrapreneurs – working within organisations and systems to effect positive change. Come join our growing movement. Your movement.
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A LEx Leader is a change-maker, activist, innovator, designer or social leader who has activated their lived expertise to inform, shape or lead their social purpose work (often in combination with your learned and practice experience) to directly benefit the communities they share those lived experiences with. - Lived Experience (LEx) = Direct, first-hand experience, past or present, of a social issue(s) and/or injustice(s). - Lived Expertise - Knowledge, perspectives, insights, and understanding gathered through lived experience.
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