AFA Writing Groups Sign-Up Form Fall 2021
Please fill out the form below to help us match you with a peer group with similar interests! Writing groups will meet in the AFA Gather space, unless the group self-organizes to use another platform or method. To be placed into a writing group this term, please fill out this form no later than Oct. 8. You will receive an email shortly after confirming your assignment. You will have a chance to accept or decline your first invitation with 72 hours and will be offered a second assignment, which you may accept or decline. The next opportunity to sign up to join an AFA Writing Group will happen in early January 2022. For questions, please reach out to
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What stage of your academic trajectory are you currently in?
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Please offer a 1-3 sentence description of both the topic of your writing and what kind of writing you are doing (i.e. dissertation, articles, book, grant applications, field notes, job applications, etc).
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I am ideally looking for a writing group through the following term, more or less:
How often are you interested in meeting? (Please select all that feel acceptable to you.)
What time zone are you in and what times are you interested in writing and/or meeting, if applicable?
What is the ideal size for you for a writing group? (Select any and all options that would feel right for you.)
If I accept an invitation to join a writing group, I can and will equally participate in and commit to the group. I will communicate if there are changes to my ability to participate or meet the commitments I agreed to with group members.
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Is there anything else you want us to consider in matching you or that you feel is important to take into consideration to support the success of your writing group? (Include here if there are people you are already writing with and/or would like to request to be matched with, etc.; what factors are most important to you for matching, etc.)
Do you have any questions, concerns, thoughts, ideas, and/or suggestions for us to consider?
How did you hear about AFA Writing Groups?
May we have your permission to share the information you have provided with potential matched group members?
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