2019-2020 BCES Student Survey
Please fill this out to the best of your ability about the teacher you are taking this survey for.
Please select the teacher's name who is giving you this survey. *
Please select your grade. *
Please select all subjects this teacher teaches you. *
Please select the best description for each statement: *
My teacher listens to me.
My teacher gives me help when I need it.
My teacher shows us how to do new things.
My teacher encourages me to evaluate my own learning.
I am able to do the work in class.
I learn new things in my class.
I feel safe in this class.
My teacher uses many ways to teach.
My teacher explains how my learning can be used outside of school.
My teacher explains why I get things wrong on my work.
My teacher shows respect to all students.
My teacher demonstrates helpful strategies or skills for my learning.
There are opportunities to reflect on my learning in my class.
My teacher allows me to make some choices about my learning.
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