Dance Maui 2018 Survey
An audience feedback survey for Dance Maui that took place on Saturday, November 10 from 2-5pm at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center.
Thank you for providing feedback on your experience at Dance Maui 2018!
Q.1: Have you attended Dance Maui before? Check all that apply:
Q.2: How did you hear about Dance Maui this year?
Q.3: Why did you want to attend Dance Maui 2018?
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Q.4: What did you think of the quality of the performances this year?
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Q.5: What did you think of the audience viewing area this year?
Q.6: To what degree do you think that Dance Maui is family-friendly?
Not family-friendly at all
The ideal family-friendly event for all ages
Q.7: Overall, did you enjoy yourself at Dance Maui?
Q.8: Based on your audience experience in 2018, would you recommend attending Dance Maui festivals in the future?
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