2020 ECDBA HS MPA East Repertoire and Seating Needs
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Please list the title of first piece you will play, which does not necessarily have to be the march.
Selection 1 Composer / Arranger. *
Selection 2 Title *
Please list the title of the second piece you will play.
Selection 2 Composer / Arranger. *
Selection 3 Title *
Please list the title of the third piece you will play.
Selection 3 Composer / Arranger. *
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Total number of chairs needed *
Total number of stands needed *
Row 1 - number of chairs (winds) *
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Row 2 - number of chairs (winds) *
Row 2 - number of stands (winds) *
Row 3 - number of chairs (winds) *
Row 3 - number of stands (winds) *
Row 4 - number of chairs (winds) *
Row 4 - number of stands (winds)
Row 5 - number of chairs (winds) *
Row 5 - number of stands (winds) *
Percussion Section - number of chairs *
Percussion Section - number of stands *
Will you perform for ratings and comments or comments only? *
*You may change this at any point up to your check in on the day of your performance. Notify the MPA chair if you wish to make a change.
If you are attending for Comments Only, do you want your ensemble to participate in sight-reading?
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I have verified that all selections are on the approved NCBA MPA list. I have also verified that these pieces have not been performed by our school for MPA in the last four years. *
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