Birdville ISD Parent Safety Survey
School Year 2019-2020
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1. Which campus does your child attend?
2. The District has increased security on campuses. Which of the following new security measures have you noticed on your child's campus? (Choose all that apply)
3. When and where do you NOT feel safe at school? (Select all that apply)
Before School
During School
After School
In the cafeteria
In the gym
In the hallways
In the restroom
In the classroom
On the school grounds
At the drop-off area
On the bus
Athletic/fine arts events
4. Are you informed of "See Something, Say Something" initiative?
5. What safety issues are you most concerned about at your child's school?
6.Has your child ever been bullied at school? If so, about how often has it occured?
7. Has you child ever been the subject of cyberbullying while at school? If so, about how often?
8. If you have a concern about safety at your school, do you feel free to talk to a teacher, the principal, a counselor or other administrator at your child's school about the issue? [If other, please identify staff member]
9. Overall, do you consider your child's campus safe and orderly?
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