GDC Agenda Item Submission
Please use this form 48 hours prior to the monthly General Defense Committee Local 14 meeting, in order to submit your business item to the printed agenda. This does not mean you cannot amend the agenda to add your items at the meeting, however:

It is important to submit your business ahead of time for the purposes of democracy and proper consideration. When your fellow defenders can receive your reports from your subcommittee before the meeting, for instance, we can spend the 5 minutes of allotted time for that report asking questions and discussing, rather than trying to get through the details. Similarly, with motions, it can be undemocratic to expect each member to be able to read and consider a motion seriously in the rushed time frame of a meeting; having the text ahead of time improves democracy.

So. Please try to do this! Thanks!
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Put the text of your report, motion, announcement, or reimbursement request here. Explain fully, but be as brief as possible: we're going to have to print this out.
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