8th Grade Exploratory Classes
Students will be enrolled in yearlong courses which will provide instruction in Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Reading. Students will also be assigned semester exploratory courses including: 6th Grade - Physical Education and Health, 7th Grade - Physical Education and Agri-Science, and 8th Grade - Physical Education and Culinary Careers.

Students have the option of choosing additional exploratory courses. Please complete the survey below and rank your top five preferences in order. Indicate your first choice as #1, your second choice as #2, your third choice as #3, your fourth choice as #4 and your fifth choice as #5. This is strictly a preferred ranking of your courses. We will do our best to honor your choices; however, this form does not guarantee course participation, as course offerings are limited.

Rank your choices 1 - 5. Please note that a * indicates that the course requires an audition, teacher recommendation, and/or application.
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