2021 ~2022 LCS TA Application/助教助理申請表
勒星頓中文學校新年度 助教/助理 申請, 於即日起接受報名, 7/30 報名截止. 如有任何疑問請洽 副校長:V_Principal@lcs-chinese.org, Lisa at 617 528 0668

LCS TA application is open for submission starting now and ending on 7/30. If any questions, please email Vice Principal at V_Principal@lcs-chinese.org, Lisa at 617 528 0668

Note: school format: first choice is in person, unless unexpected happened. Please keep close attention to school announcement.
TA guideline: https://www.lcs-chinese.org/LCS_TA_Guidelines.pdf
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中文學校畢業年級﹝需寫明校名, 畢業年度、和年級﹞ *
example: LCS 中文學校 2015 九年級 畢業
父母或監護人中文姓名 (Parents/Guardian) Chinese name *
父母或監護人英文姓名 (Parents/Guardian) English name *
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如現在已是助教, 請註明你今年的工作項目(If you are currently a TA, please specify your position)
欲申請之項目(可複選) Which position(s) do you apply for? *
如欲申請之項目無名額時,是否願意由學校分派至需要幫忙的班級或其他單位服務? Are you willing to accept other position?
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是否是中文SATII班的學生? Were/Are you part of Chinese SAT class?
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是否是中文AP班的學生? Were/are you part of Chinese AP class?
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經驗或專長(可複選), talents, *
請説明你/妳為什麼適合做學生助教或助理. Please provide a brief write-up on why are you a good candidate. *
請提供5句話簡短的簡歷,Please provide a short bio, 5 sentences *
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推薦人2 姓名 Reference Name 2
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