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The following information is requested to be included in the DSGR Cemetery Records.  Include as many of the fields as you are able.
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Age at time of death (years, months, days)
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Birth Information
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The state of province in which the deceased was born
The country in which the deceased was born -- only leave blank if U.S.A.
Military Service
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The branch of the military in which the deceased served.
The deceased highest rank attained
The war or conflict in which the deceased participated.
Death Information
Date of Death?
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City in which deceased died.
County / Region?
The county of region in which they died.
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The state or province in which they died.
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Mortuary Name?
The name of the mortuary which handled the burial
Interment Information
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Plot Number?
Grave Type
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The section number / letter of the cemetery
The block number within the section of the cemetery
The quarter of the block.
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Grave Point?
If there is a marker, what is engraved upon it?  Include notation of any symbols
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