NJECC Member Professional Learning Interest Survey - 2021/22 School Year
Thank you for providing us your thoughts on topics for our future meetings and conference.
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Meeting Structure
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Teacher presentations
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Vendor Presentations
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Small group, breakout sessions
Lunch and Learn Sessions
Good and Welfare Discussions
Expert Panel Discussions
Interactive Online Presentations
Do you have any suggestions about our meeting structure?
Professional Learning Topics I am Interested In
Indicate your level of interest for each of the following topics:
Blended Learning/Flipped Classroom. *
Google Classroom/GSuite for Ed *
Microsoft Office 360 for Education *
Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality in Education *
Competency Based & Experiential Learning (NJ Option 2) *
Digital Video/Media Production *
Digital Photography Production *
eSports and Gaming in Education *
Personalization/Adaptive Learning Platforms *
Learning Assessment & Analytics Tools *
Online Learning Platforms (Google Classroom, Blackboard, Canvas, etc.) *
Student Information Systems (PowerSchool, Genesis, Real-Time, Infinite Campus, etc.) *
Digital Citizenship, Social Media Bullying & Screen Time Management *
Design Thinking and MakerSpaces *
STEAM Across the Curriculum *
Reimagining/Designing School Libraries *
Instructional and Assistive Technology in Special Education *
Instructional Technology in the English/Language Arts *
Instructional Technology in the Mathematics Classroom
Clear selection
Instructional Technology in the Science Classroom
Clear selection
Instructional Technology in the Social Studies Classroom
Clear selection
Instructional Technology in the Art/Music Classroom
Clear selection
Instructional Technology in the World Languages Classroom
Clear selection
Coding/Computer Programming & Robotics *
Appropriate Use, Copyright Issues, Acceptable Use, and Anti-Big Brother/Privacy Policies *
Open Source Digital Educational Resources *
Staff Online Professional Development and Micro Badges *
Webinars and Conference presentations required of your district.
Effective Practices in Educational Technology Integration Coaching Models *
Webinars and Conference presentations required of your district.
Student Data Privacy/Student Online Security *
Are there any other topics in which you would be interested?
Additional Information
Please provide brief answers for the following:
If there were one thing that I could learn more about by attending NJECC meetings this year, it would be...
The one thing that I don't want to hear any more about at the meetings is...
I would attend a second day of the NJECC conference if: *
As an organization, NJECC would serve my districts particular needs better by...
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