Kisetsucon 2019 Panel & Meetup Application
Every great anime convention needs great panels, and many of them come from fans just like you! If you have a topic to share, a game to host, or just want to ramble about something you love, now’s your chance to become a panelist and bring your ideas to Kisetsucon. Please be sure to read our rules and guidelines before applying.

If you have multiple people in your panel group, only one application must be filled out. The panelist who completes the form will be considered the Lead Panelist and will be used as our main point of contact.

If you wish to host multiple panels, please complete a separate form for each panel.

All panels must be submitted before August 31, 2019.

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Lead Panelist Legal Name *
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Age at Date of Convention *
Panelists must be 16 years of age or older at the time of the convention.
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Lead Panelist Phone Number *
This will only be used if you can not be reached by email or need to be contacted on the day of the convention.
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Additional Panelists
Please list legal names, ages at the date of the convention, and emails, with one person per line.
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