Help Us Make Our Site Better By Reporting Malfunctions - Get 25% OFF Your Next Order*
*When you report the details(Using this form) of a site malfunction you encountered while using the website and we are able to reproduce it you will get 25% off ContourMD products on your next order. To be eligible, all required fields of the report must be filled out, an error must be a case of the site or system not functioning as intended and our admin must be able to reproduce the error you are reporting. We are constantly working to improve our site and now you can be rewarded for your assistance! An example of a valid site malfunction would be clicking a link to a page on the site and the link does not work. You tell us where the link is and we can verify it. An example of a report that does not qualify for this offer would be using your smartphone to make an order and your phone loses signal and you are not able to make a purchase due to your phone not working.
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