Child-Serving Professionals (CSP) - Youth Trauma Survey
This survey is designed as the first phase in a multi-step national study on the perceptions of trauma in children.
We wish to start by asking you about elements of your life. Then we will ask about your professional experience. And finally we will conclude by asking about some of your observations around trauma in different groups of children.
INFORMED CONSENT - The researchers respectfully request that you share your perspectives on childhood trauma in different cultural groups of kids. You are under no obligation to participate in this study, however, the benefits expected are improved professional development and cultural competency for child-serving professionals (CSPs). This study is strictly anonymous and totally voluntary. No compensation is offered and no deception is used. The findings are likely to be published, however, your personal information is not collected and will not be shared in any way. We do not anticipate any harm arising from this voluntary study, however, if you feel the need to reach out for support services, we recommend that you contact your local Human Services Chamber for a list of the providers in your area.
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