Zend Server 2018.1 Early Access 2 Program
Welcome to the Zend Server Early Access Program!

Here are some reasons for joining:

1. Experience new features and capabilities in Zend Server before it is released!
2. Get immediate response, and interact with Zend PMs and developers!
3. Directly influence on what we do next!

Why are we running this Early Access program?
We want your feedback to make sure we are doing the right thing, the right way. We believe your input can help us make Zend Server better!

For more information, please contact us at zs-earlyaccess@zend.com.


The Zend Server Team

What's new in Zend Server 2018.1 ? Check out the following deck:


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Experimental, not to be used for Production
Due to the nature of the program, you're going to be exposed to bits that haven't undergone thorough testing or that may have partially-baked features. We'd like you to consider every early access release as experimental, and expect instabilities, bugs and frequently occurring changes.
Some of the features you may see may not be complete or fully functioning, and some may be removed before the final release of the product.

The Early Access edition of Zend Server is not to be used for production purposes.

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