Fall 2021 Discovery Project Project Partner Application
Discovery is dedicated to providing top-notch data science capacity to our project partners while also fostering a unique learning environment for our students. Project partners should design projects so that a team of students can be engaged over the course of a single or multiple semesters (a semester is about 12 weeks of work). Projects should include a strong data component, and a dataset must be available by the start of the semester. Project partners can submit multiple projects, but each student can only work on a single Discovery project in a given semester.

Every semester we receive hundreds of applications from students with a wide range of experience levels, backgrounds and interests - the perfect students for your project are out there! The trick to successfully recruiting the best students for your team is to be as specific as possible in the Project Details section.

Please contact ds-discovery@berkeley.edu with any questions about the application.

To learn more about the program visit https://data.berkeley.edu/research/discovery.

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