Reflection XTWKLFRLTKL - IC #1
Full info on the Notion Page.
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Scene Renders: here
Prototype Pics: here
Geekhack Thread: here
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What other colors would you like to see for the group buy? *
The green colorway will be included in the GB. Two other colors will be selected.
The bottom piece will be silver (except sand - the bottom will be color matched to the top.)

Full color album: here
Would you want a foam kit as an add-on?
Case foam, plate foam, & switch foam
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Currently, the top is winkeyless only. Is it a dealbreaker to not have a winkey option?
The PCB supports a 6.25U option, but the top isn't compatible with it. There will only be a WK option if there is significant interest.
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What other plate materials are you interested in?
The kit will come with an aluminum plate by default. Others will be selected as add-ons.
What feedback do you have overall?
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