PSP 2018 Housing Questionnaire
Please fill out this form as soon as you know you will be attending the PSP!
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1) Please list any medical conditions you feel we should know about (severe food allergies or mobility issues, for instance)
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2) Please list any nutritional restrictions (vegetarianism, veganism, kosher etc.)
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Will you be staying at Hotel Inos (be sure to subtract 819USD from your tuition if you are NOT staying at the hotel). If the answer is "no" do not fill in the rest of the questionnaire. *
4) Would you like a single room (440USD extra for the month)? If the answer is “yes,“ do not fill out the rest of the questionnaire.
6) Are you attending the PSP with someone you know and wish to room with them? If yes, please list the name of the person you are attending with below, otherwise ignore the question. (If you have already agreed to room with a specific person, do not fill out the rest of the survey.)
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5) Would you be willing to live in a room with two roommates for 2400CZK cash back at the beginning of the program? (This is in case we end up with an odd number of people staying in doubles and wish to create a room for three):
How old are you?
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Your gender (be as specific or general as you wish)
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What gender are you comfortable rooming with? (be as specific or general as you wish)
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Check the ones that apply to you:
Which best describes you?
I plan to go out and come back late at night...
I plan to spend time outside the hotel room...
Is there anything else we should know that could help us match you with the right roomate?
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