Camp Flintlock Field Trip Registration
Phone: (919) 938-1776
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Registration Process
ATTENTION: Due to school firewalls, it is necessary that you send an email from the above address to after submitting this form. This is essential for correspondence, as firewalls block messages from unfamiliar email addresses. Please ensure that the above email address is that of the field trip Coordinator (this is the person with whom Camp Flintlock will be corresponding to finalize a date, as well as the person who will handle all parent inquiries).

Camp Flintlock typically serves North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Maryland. If your Organization is outside these five states, please contact Camp Flintlock before beginning this form.

Field trips for large groups may take multiple days to complete. Please contact Camp Flintlock if your group has more than eight classes or 200 students to discuss how your field trip may be different.

On the Camp Flintlock website, there is a "Field Trip Registration Companion Sheet" that explains pricing and activities selection. []

Camp Flintlock events have an $800 minimum. Information on how cost is calculated and how smaller groups can make sure to reach this minimum can be found in the "Activities and Add-Ons" and "Field Trip Costs" sections.

Once this form is completed, Camp Flintlock will contact the Coordinator (or the Coordinator may contact us) to schedule a date for your field trip.

Once a date is scheduled, Camp Flintlock will provide via email:
-A Registration Summary containing your customized field trip selections.
-A preliminary Cost Summary (not an invoice).
-A Coordinator Letter to help the Coordinator prepare for the event, as well as to aide in answering parent inquiries.
-A Parent Letter to inform students' families and to help recruit volunteers.
-A Media Release, should you wish to inform any news outlets of the event.

If any changes need to be made to your field trip after submission of this registration, please email so that CF staff may update your field trip summary.

Please note that GoogleForms does not save your progress if you close a form without clicking "Submit." You can, however, flip back and forth between completed pages of the form without losing your progress.

Expect to spend about 30 minutes completing this form.
What You'll Need
Below are some items you may want to have on hand prior to starting this form.
Location *
Where would you like your field trip to take place? Please note that travel fees (per participant) apply to field trips not done at the CF Campsite and vary by state.
On-Campus Firearms Authorization *
With permission, on-campus field trips will include a firearms demonstration. Please select your preference below. (Please Note: Events at the Camp Flintlock campsite always include a demonstration with blanks fired.)
Staff Accommodations *
Depending upon location and scheduling, Camp Flintlock may need to set up the evening prior to the field trip. CF Staff will then stay the night either in tents on school grounds or in a hotel room paid for by your organization. Please indicate your preference below.
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