My survey to my subscribers!
Just a quick survey so that I can help you better with the information that I put on my blog. I love inspiring & motivating you to live your best life! So if you would please take less than 5 mins to answer a few questions, I would really appreciate it!! Thank you so much!
What are you struggling with the most when it comes to shifting your mindset or the Law of Attraction? Are you struggling with anything?
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Are you living with scarcity mindset?
Do you constantly complain about being broke or not having enough money?
Do you have trouble with letting go when it comes to trying to manifest what you want?
What would you like to learn more about on my blog? It can be anything! Just let me know. My specialty is LOA & personal development! But I really want to write what you want to read!
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What is a big goal of yours?
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Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions! I really appreciate it. Blogging is my passion and I love inspiring others! If you would like to see anything else on the blog or anything specific just let me know below! Thank you.
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