Fuller Theological Seminary Sanctuary Campus Letter
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21 November 2016

Dr. Mark Labberton, President
Dr. Joel Green, Provost
Dr. Steve Yamaguchi, Dean of Students

Re: Fuller Theological Seminary Sanctuary for Undocumented Immigrants

Dear President Labberton, Provost Green, and Dean Yamaguchi:

We the undersigned students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Fuller Theological Seminary write in response to Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States to express our commitment to the safety and dignity of all students and workers in our seminary community. We request that Fuller begins the necessary process to declare every campus a sanctuary for undocumented students and workers.

We, like Dr. Labberton, are dismayed and disoriented concerning this election. Moreover, we are fearful of the hatred that has spread across the country such as xenophobic chants directed at Latina/o youth, bullying of Muslim and LGBT individuals, incendiary graffiti and vandalism. As you know, our own Pasadena campus and its students of color have not been exempt from the hostility that this election season has provoked.

President Elect Trump proclaimed his intention to deport undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States as well as repeal the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)—which provides relief from deportation and work benefits to hundreds of thousands of young people in the United States, including Fuller students and staff. If these policies are enacted they will prove devastating, subjecting students and workers who are integral to our community to punitive measures, and in contrast to Fuller’s stated commitment to “work for the good of human society.”

Jesus Christ commanded us to love God and neighbor—thus as Christians we are called to seek the wellbeing of all people, particularly those who are poor, marginalized, discriminated against, and mistreated. Furthermore, Jesus tells us in Matthew 25 that however we treat the least of these among us, we have treated him.

In light of our Christian convictions and the very real and immediate threats faced by members of our community, we ask the seminary take the following steps immediately, if it has not taken them already:

1. We ask for an unequivocal, public declaration of Fuller’s support for and protection of undocumented students, staff, and their families on our campus.
2. We ask that Fuller guarantee privacy by refusing to release information regarding the immigration status of students and staff.
3. We ask that Fuller refuse to comply with immigration authorities regarding deportations or raids.
4. We ask that Fuller publicly reaffirm the admission and financial aid policies toward undocumented students.
5. We ask Fuller to educate members of the Fuller community, including faculty, staff, and students, on the potential implications of immigration policies on our community.

This past week Dr. Labberton and Dr. Mouw wrote of Fuller Seminary’s non-negotiable commitment to the evangel, the gospel, which calls us to faithfully enact God’s good news of love, justice, and mercy. This is not a time to wait and see how federal policies develop. To the contrary, it is a time to courageously affirm our Christian convictions and proactively work to safeguard the wellbeing of our community. We ask that Fuller act now to fulfill its mission “to put our biblical convictions into practice, even when the price is high.”

Awaiting Your Action,

In Christ The Undersigned

Jean Carlos Arce, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Frank Scoffield, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Norma Ramirez, PhD Student, School of Clinical Psychology
Marissa Nunes, PhD Student, School of Clinical Psychology
Byron Rivera, PhD Student, School of Clinical Psychology
Ashley Hunt, ASC President, MAICS and MAT Student, Schools of Intercultural Studies and Theology
Estella Low, ASC Vice-President, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Dr. Lisseth Rojas-Flores, Associate Professor of Marital and Family Therapy
Dr. Johnny Ramirez-Johnson, Professor of Anthropology, Profesor del Centro Latino
Dr. G. Tommy Givens, Assistant Professor of New Testament Studies, Profesor del Centro Latino
Dr. Jude Tiersma Watson, Associate Professor, School of Intercultural Studies
Dr. Al Dueck, Professor of Cultural Psychologies
Dr. Erin Dufault-Hunter, Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics
Dr. Anne Nolty, Assistant Professor, SOP
Dr. Miyoung Yoon Hammer, Associate Professor of Marital and Family Therapy and Chair of the Department of Marriage and Family
Dr. Cynthia Eriksson, Associate Professor of Psychology
Jeanelle Austin, Director of Operations for the William E. Pannell Center for African American Church Studies and Fuller alumna, MDiv and MAICS
Alexia Salvatierra, Adjunct Instructor in Urban Mission
Dr. Laura Harbert, Affiliate Professor of Clinical Psychology
Jennifer Hernandez, MAT Graduate and Vocational Advisor
Christopher Romine, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Chase Weaver, MDiv Student, School of Theology, ASC Sports Coordinator
Josephine Hwang Koo, PhD Student, School of Psychology
Diane Ujiiye, MDivStudent, School of Theology
Shin Ock, PhD student, School of Psychology
Alexandra Scott, PsyD Student, School of Psychology
Mitchell Ebbott, MDiv Student and Event Production Services Technician
Jerry Romasco, alum '14
Christine Khue Ta, PhD Student, School of Psychology
Rosa Cándida Ramírez, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Jennifer A. Guerra Aldana, MDiv student, School of Theology, Administrative Assistant, Fuller Youth Institute
Marcos Canales, Lead Pastor, La Fuente Ministries and Fuller Alumn
Edgar Mariel, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Annie Aeschbacher, alumna, MAICS
Annali Murray, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Amy Sanchez, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Joshua Beckett, PhD Candidate, Christian Ethics
Ryan Walsh, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Brad Griffin, MDiv alum and associate director, Fuller Youth Institute
Andrea Canales, MA Family Studies, MA SIS, MA Psychology and PhD student in clinical psychology at Fuller
Marissa Ortiz, MDiv Student, School of Theology; Administrative Assistant, Brehm Center
Lauren Grubaugh, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Nick Warnes, Pastor, Northland Village Church, Fuller Alumnus
Joshua Smith, Affiliate Faculty of Missional Leadership and Pastor of Mountainside Communion
Dr. Peter Rios, Adjunct Professor Indiana Wesleyan University, PhD student SIS/FTS
Daneli Ureña, Fuller Alumn
Dr. Angela Gorrell, alumna, Associate Research Scholar Yale Divinity School
Ruben Nuño, MDiv Student, School of Theology, Union Church of Los Angeles
Rebecca Stringer, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Brendan Dry, MDiv student, School of Theology
Misty Jo Easton-Wise, MDiv Student, School of Theology and Pastor at Mountainside Communion Church
Jon Ziegler, Alum
Timothy W. Reardon, PhD Student and Adjunct Faculty of New Testament Interpretation
Toby Castle, MAGL Alumni 2015
Noreen Lue, MAICS Alumni '16
Mike Karim, PhD Candidate, School of Intercultural Studies; MDiv '92
Nichole M Jones, MDiv Student, SOT
Dan Stringer, MDiv '16
Brian Lee, MDiv '13
Elizabeth Lin, PhD '11
David Fischer, MDiv Alum '10
Lindsay Sturgeon, MFT Alumni 2006
Mackenzie Abraham, PhD Alumni '11
Hanna Lee, PhD '10
Charles DeLeeuw, PhD '11
Shauna McManus, Psy.D. '10
Kathryn Byron, Clinical PhD Alumn '12
Sandra Ovalle Gómez, MAICS student, School of Intercultural Studies
Julia Speck, Director of the DMin Program and Fuller Alum
Michelle R. Bruce, MATM Student, President, Black Seminarians Council
Joshua Ramsey, LMFTA, alum
Christine Brinn, MFT '11
Janna Louie, MDiv '14
Jonalisa Ware, MATM Student, MFT Alum '12
Mary Duong, MDiv student
Rev. C. Laine Julian, MDiv '08
Annie Hao, MFT '12
Meggie Anderson, Mdiv '16 and project manager, De Pree Center
Erina Kim-Eubanks, MAT '13
Jason Link, MDiv alum 2016
Steve Chun, MDiv '17
Sarah H. Moon, PsyD '14
Lisa Liou, MAT '14
Allen S. Brown, MAT '06
Sabrina Chan, MAT '13
Eric Schnitger, PhD student, SOT
Angel Cheng, MDiv Graduate, Academic Planning Administrator
Samantha Curley, alumni
Christina Young, PhD 2014
Lindsey Marcus, MACS '08
Matthew Webb, Instructor of Film Production Huntington University, MAT '08
Tracy Leman, MFT '07
Douglas Haub, M.Div. CCS. '11, D.Min Program Manager Alum
Kristin Brussee, SISGU Co-President, MAICS Student
J. Eduardo Lowe, MATM '17
Lindsay Beck, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Esther Kim, MDiv '15
Lisa Kau, PsyD student, School of Psychology
Tamisha A. Tyler, PhD student Theology and Culture, MDiv '14
Kelvin Martinez, Alumni
Sergio Zapata, PhD student, SOT
Simeon Sham, MDiv '15
Daniel Russell, Student '18
William Pang, MDiv Student, SOT
Kelley McFarland, PsyD student, School of Psychology
Debi Yu, Admissions and Student Affairs Advisor, DMin
Lauren Murtidjaja, MAT Student, School of Theology
Stratton Glaze, Mdiv '15
Michael Fox, Alumni SIS '13
Melissa Hofstetter, PhD '09, MDiv '09
J. Aaron Schmidt, MDiv '16, Pastor, Vineyard Church Monrovia
Jeremy Hunt, MAT '17
Shey Parise, MFT '15, Fuller AZ Assistant Director
Daniel Chou, MDiv '15
Jonathan Timothy Stoner, MDiv '17, Locust Community Coordinator and videographer, photographer & editor for Fuller Studio
Gina Pollard, MDiv '13
Andrea Bailey, PsyD, '14 Alumna
Barbara Hunsicker, MAT '13, Vocational Advisor
Tim Scherer, PhD Candidate, SOT and Director of Academic Advising
Fara Ashimoto, Vocational Advisor, MAICS Fuller Alum
Pastor Sandra Maria Van Opstal, Executive Pastor of Grace and Peace
Christian Harrison, MDiv '17, Events Assistant
Michael Kinsman, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Jacob Alan Cook, PhD Candidate, ABD, Christian Ethics
Vikki Randall, MA '82, MDiv equiv
Alex Tiethoff, MDiv Student, School of Theology
James Lee, PhD Student, Christian Ethics
Drew Hanson, MDiv '15
Reid Bode, Events Production Services technician
Tracey Stringer, DMin Student, MDiv 02' Director of Apprenticeship and Placement FTS
Gillian D. Grannum, PhD Candidate, SOP
Jay Pope, PHD '06 Assoc. Prof and Clinical Psychologist
Bethany Hager, alumni, MDiv & Mat '13
Brad Hickey, School of Theology, Theology and Culture
Avril Speaks, MAT '14
Meredith Blackburn, PhD Student, School of Psychology
Andrew Singleterry, MAT 2016
Tanya Riches, current PhD SIS
Dotti Giubardo, staff, MDiv student
Anna Jóna Kristjánsdóttir, MATM, ´14
Janet Balasiri Singleterry
Corinne Bergmann, alumna (MDiv)
Charissa Morrison, MAT 12'
Naomi Wilson, MDiv '15
Christine Merola, PsyD Student, School of Psychology
Michelle Rogers, PhD student, School of Psychology
Chase Andre, SIS, '17
Andrea Kraybill, MDiv '17
Rev. Steven N Ochi, MDiv '03
Rachel Hargis, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Emily Hauck, PhD student, School of Psychology
Katie Double, PsyD Student, School of Psychology
Dan Merrill, MAT student, SOT
Giovanny Panginda, ASC Community Events Coordinator, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Hannah Kelley, MDiv alumna 2013 and former staff member
Dan Brockway, PhD Candidate, Adjunct Instructor, Doctoral Projects Administrator for the DMin
Rachel Paprocki, MAT '14, Writing Center Manager
Megan Moore, MAT student, SOT
Ariel Reid, PhD Candidate, School of Psychology
Anna deSocio, almuni
Mariana Sarmiento, community member
Analisse Reyes ( MAT )
Michael W. Moore, MATM '12
David Suh, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Steven C. Argue, PhD, School of Theology, Youth, Family, and Culture
Robert Balfour, MDiv Student, DMin Program Assistant
Kenneth Chang, MDiv, 2017
Jeremy Cernero, PsyD student, School of Psychology
Carlos Cevallos, MDiv. Student, School of Theology
Kendra Jacques, PhD Clinical Psych student
Dianne Laird, MACCS '10
Esther Maria Roman, MAT 2012
Carly Trask-Kuchta, PsyD Student, School of Psychology
Magdoleen Meleka, Vocational Advisor and MAT Student
Scott Nassau
Emily C Julian, PhD '12
Lisa D. Finlay, PhD 2012
Deb Swets, MDIV '14
Sheila K. Muchemi, PhD Student, SOP
James Creely, PhD. Clinical Psychology '16
Bonnie Lewis, alumna (MAT)
Emily Lam, SIS '14
Michael DiMarcangelo, MDiv '15, Administrative Officer in the Executive Office
MoseZetta Howard
Claudia Diaz, Mdiv'16, Staff CL Fuller
MoseZetta Howard Student
Anny Genato, MDiv '08, Vocational Advisor
Sarey Martin, Student
Jarrod Phipps, Mdiv Student, Calling Program Supervisor - DEV Office
Jason Ashimoto, pastor, MDiv '06
Tamara Johnston, Senior Producer of FULLER studio
Steven A. Perry, MAT '12
Lydia Mariam PhD Clinical Psychology '11
Rev. Kristie Berglund (MDiv '13)
David Kim, MAT student
Brian Shope, alumni 2010 (MA SIS)
Seth Villegas, MAT 16'
Cynthia Scott, PsyD, Alumni ('99)
Thomas Adlard, MAICS '14, Alumnus
Anna Sheetz, MDiv '15
Rev. Dr. Amy L Chilton Thompson, Adjunct Professor of Theology; alumni, PhD Systematic Theology '16
Troy Kinney, MDiv '14
Susana Ferrer, MA '14
September Penn, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Seth Little, MAT '17
Kim Barker, MAT '14
Alicia Wilson Baker, MAICS '15
Mark Baker-Wright, MDiv 2002 and former staff member for nearly 15 years
Joshua Humphries, MDiv '16
Jessica Poulsen, PhD student, School of Clinical Psychology
Brianna Marecki, Ph.D. student, SOP
Lindsey Wright, MAT '12, Brehm Center Administrative Assistant
Timothy Lee, MATM student
Caitlyn Ference-Saunders, Brehm Center Program Coordinator, MAT '16
Leland Merritt, M.Div '15
Lauren Obregon, MDiv '12
Skylar Hanna, PhD student, School of Psychology
Eugenie Gifford Baumann, MDiv student
Karin Draper, MFT Alumni '13
Maddie Mitchellweiler, MDiv '17
Cynthia Glass, MAT 2012, Staff 2011-2016
Charlotte Sandy, MA, 2012
Gregory D Kilpatrick, MSMFT Student, Fuller School of Psychology
Angela Garzouzie (Strauss) MAICS student
Darcy Miller, PsyD Clinical Psychology '10
Kelsey Penner, PsyD '16
Nathaniel Fernandez, student, School of Psychology
Benton Sampson, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Dr. Oscar Garcia-Johnson, Associate Professor of Theology & Latino/a Studies and Associate Dean for Centro Latino
Brendan Talbot Lorentz, MDiv 2018
Kunhong Park, MDiv Student
Michael Wiltshire, Alumni, MDiv 2016
Nick Barrett, PhD student in Theology
Eric Mulligan, MAT '05, Videoconferencing Coordinator
Kristofer Smiley, MAT Student
Noah Branson, PsyD Student, School of Psychology
James Farlow, Executive Director, Sanctuary
Matthew Pittman, MDiv '13
Stacey Schwenker, MDiv '10
Kelsy Richardson, phd student, school of psychology
Dominique Robinson-Coleman, MDiv Student
Ann Gottuso, PhD, Clinical Psychology alum '13, Adjunct Professor '15
David E. Wasson, MDiv 2014
Danielle Breen MICS '14
Edward Ng, MDiv, PsyD (alumni)
Ben Swisher, MAT '11
Katie Bond, PsyD '07
Tamara Young Heck, PhD, Clinical Psychology (alumni)
Dr. Mark Lau Branson, professor, School of Theology
Haileyesus B. Gadissa, Student at SIS/Center for Missiological Research (CMR)
Anna Brase, MDiv student
Mark Schmor, MDIV, '15
Amber Finley, MAT '13
Brandon Fisher, MAT '16
Dr. Hana Carmona, SOP alumni 2011
Vanessa Carter, Certificate Student
Steven Fekete, MDiv Student
Elizabeth Windom, MAT '16
Stephanie Struck, MAICS '11, MATM '12
Gabrielle Taylor, PhD, Clinical Psychology '06
Stephanie Payne, MATM student, '18
Patricia Cogles, MDiv Student School of Theology
Allison Norton, SIS PhD Candidate
Kelsey Carr, Student, MAICS
Kyle Sears, MDiv student and pastor at La Cañada Congregational Church
Bethany McKinney Fox, PhD - 2014, Director of Student Services
Nathan Daniels, MDiv 2011
Flor Cabrera (Family of a student MDiv)
Brian Davis, MAICS '10
K.C. Bugg, PsyD '06
Shana Daves, Student
Daniel D Lee, Director of Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry
Love L. Sechrest, Ph.D. Associate Professor of New Testament
Robert Garcia, MDiv '12
Julie Tai, Interim Director of Chapel, MAICS '13
Grace Kim, Student
Eric Tai, MAICS '15
Elizabeth Eichhorn, Alum
J. Lincoln Hoey Moore, MAT '13
Isabel Martinez - alumni
Randy Demary, MDiv 2013
Kevin Nye, M Div '15
Tammy Waggoner Alumni MDIV and Master of Recovery Ministry
Ryan Pryor, MAT 2015
Kim Cantrell, MATM 2013
Crystal Clements, Ph.D. Student, School of Psychology
Daniel V. Nemeth, MFT '16
Rev. Benjamin J. Barlow, MDiv 2015 - Alumnus
Gustavo Bratz, MDiv Student, School of Theology., Centro Latino
Jordan Henricks, MDiv '14
Kelsey Collins, MFT 2016
Justin Fung, MAT 08, MACCS 09, DMin student
Ariana Yee, MAICS
Nanyamka Redmond, PhD student, School of Psychology
Kyle Oesch, MDiv '16
Elias Gabriel student
Nicholynn Keefer, MACCS '11, Assistant Director of Student Accounts
David Younan-Montgomery, MAT '13
Mercedes Young-McVay, MDiv Student, School of Theology, Fuller SFS staff
Salomon Kim, MDiv student, SOT, Centro Latino
Jason F. Turner (MATM) '16
Mike Park, MDiv 2006
Rebekka Stutzman, MAGL 2015
David Jaimes, MDiv, School of Theology
Stephanie Boyer, MDiv student & ASC NW Represtentative
Jeff Liou, PhD Candidate, School of Theology
William Lee Goff, D.Min. 1970
Lanre Orepo MA "13
Justin A. Bailey, Adjunct Instructor in Theology
Steve Wright, MDiv '96
Chase Yeatman, Phd Student SOP
Emily Johnston MAICS '13
Sungho Yoo, Alumni MDiv '12
Katie Himmelrick, Alum and Director of Ops at Fuller Northwest
Ryan Bell, alumnus
William Roberts, MAT 2012
Melba Mathew, MAFS student, SOP
Jongseock Shin, PhD (SOT)
Stefany Bremer (MDiv)
Jessica Torrecillas, M.A. PsyD Student
Latina Williams, MAT Student & Vocational Advisor
Max Wedel, MDiv '12, Assistant Director of Admissions
Dawnesha K. Beaver, MPH, MAT (2015), Director of Operations, New Mt. Calvary Baptist Church
Sam Codington, M.Div. '13
Lauren Gross, MDiv, SOT
Rev. Danny Martinez, (Mdiv, Dmin student)
Sooho Lee, MDiv 2019.
Cody Charland, MATM '12
Rev. Scott A. Williams, MAT '13
Gail Schlosser; MA '96, DMiss '12
Sarah Taylor Butcher, M.S. MFT '11 Alumnus
Moira-Cecily (Cissy) Brady-Rogers, LMFT (M.A. MFT '91)
Becca Okida MAT Student & Admissions Operations Manager
Rev. Daniel R. Willson, M.Div. '11
Karissa Burnett, PhD Student, School of Clinical Psychology
Jane Register (Kim), MAICS '12
Andrew Rillera, MATM '14
Daniel Yan, Residential Community Team & Program Coordinator, MDiv '17
Michael Jadrich, MAICS 2017
Ruth Musson-Clayton MDIV 2003
Cassandra McCarthy, MDiv Student
Kenichi Yoshida, MAICS '03
Roger Erickson, phd, psychology, 2013
April Alkema, MAT '11
Mary Hubbard Given, alum
Breana Schricker, Research Assistant, School of Psychology
Art Bamford - MDiv '16
Ryan Chin, MAT '17
Adam Miller, MS MFT '10
Angela Ellington MDiv student, School of Theology
Mark Arevalo, M.Div. '14
Robert Leavitt, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Ron Wright, PhD (SoP) 97
Cresson Haugland, M.S. MFT '15
Gently Ang, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist - Class of 2006
Morgan Sorenson, PsyD Student, School of Psychology
Dr. David Puig Adjunct Faculty for Systematic Theology at Fuller Seminary and Wesley Indiana Seminary
Kelly Wright, Faculty Support Coordinator
Nikki Frederick, PhD, SOP alumna
Rev. Aaron Cho, M. Div 2010, Pastor at Quest Church (Seattle, WA)
Katherine Schostag, MAICS 2012 and former SISGU Co-President
Ashleigh R. Bailey, MAT '10, MAFS '12
Seth Turner, MAT '11
Michael Shepherd, MAICS, 2012
Eric Iki, M.Div '16
Christopher Manus, MAT '13
David Seehusen Student
Austin Johnson, student, School of Psychology
Jose Oquendo, Rev. MDiv. Student
Andrew Campbell (M.Div.)
James Andrew Oquinn, MACCS 2009
Julie Scott, Student, MDiv & MAICS
Victor Eichhorn, alumni
Devin McCrea, MATM 2015
Hatty J. Lee, MFT '11
Andre Henry, MAT '16
Nicole Wriedt, MDiv '16
Colin Storm, MAICS ('12)
William Cody, MAGL 2015
Philip G. Worrall, MAT Student, School of Theology
The Rev. David Bruce Rose, M.Div. '78
Andre van Rooyen, Ph.D. Alumni SOP, '00
James Kim, MAT 08, Synergy Church, founding pastor
Allison Mattocks, M.Div. '18
Rebekah Bolin, MDiv '10
Lisa Criswell, PsyD '15
Morgan Shoup, MAICS'15
Susie Gamez, alumni MACCS '14
Robert E. Sears, PhD ICS '16
Katie Dunn, MFT '11
Jon Jo, Mdiv Student
Peter Ou, MDiv '12, Vocational Advisor
Larisa Grams-Benitez, Ph.D. student, SOP
Carrie Hansen (Sparks) Alumni, MFT 2013
Matt Stephan, MDiv '09
David Mahar, MDiv 2000
Chris Gioielli, PsyD Student, School of Psychology
Rachael Harris, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Nathan Flores, PhD student, clinical psychology
Erika Sy, MA, Clinical Psychology PhD Student, SOP
Alex P. Jackson, MAT '16
Matt Winkles MATM '12
Christine Cesa, Staff/ Alumni MAICS 2014
Gary Moran, MS METR
Randy Choi, MDIV, MACCS, 10"
Gary Moran, MS MFT 1997, Alumni
Tiffany Martinez MA alum
David Eng-Wong, PhD Student, SOT
Karman Yiu (1987 MA CCS)
Abby McHugh-Odio, MDiv student
Jessica Knippel, Staff and Alumni MAT 2013
Priscilla, MAICS 2012 and and former SISGU Co-President
Shirley Rayburn, MDiv Student, SOT
Bill Horst, PhD Candidate, CATS
Rev. Matthew Redrich, MDiv 2014
Michelle A. Morlock, PsyD student, School of Psychology
Justin Little, MSMFT '13, former Admissions Counselor to SOP
Ryan Reed MAT '11
Joshua Lunde-Whitler, M.Div 2007
Matthew Vogt - ITS Staff, 2002-2012
Heather M. Sund, MS, LMFT
Amy Drennan, MAICS '06, MFT '08, ED of Vocation and Formation Integration
Dayna Falls MS MFT '09
Dr. Diana Ro, PsyD, MCL, Alumni
Sunny Cho, MSMFT '12
Maria Mechure, PhD Student, School of Psychology
Melissa Beth Huston, PhD student, School of Psychology
Lauren Richardson, PhD '15
Adrienne Meier, PhD, Alumni SOP '14
Rachel Engels, Program Coordinator, School of Psychology
Rocky Kim, MDiv, '13
Courtney Salamone, MSMFT 2012
Mark A. Vizcarra, MAICS Student
Maria Carmen Montenegro, MAT´14 Centro Latino
Colton Curry, MDiv student, SOT, SIS Staff
Abigayle Craigg, PhD Student, School of Psychology
Martha Kimsey Bennett, MAT '16
Sam Ochstein, MDiv student, School of Theology
Hilly Goodwin, RESCOM Staff, '10 - '12
Brandon Medley, MS MFT, '06
Nate Risdon, program director for the Brehm Center
Leanne Nettles, MS, LMFT '12
Bob Harper, MAT 2004
Jinah Im, MDiv, '14
Kali Reider, MDiv student
Sam Altis, MDiv '13
Jessica Rivas Valle, MSMFT, '16
Drew Billups, MAT '13
Damaris Molina-Morales, MATM Student
Sam Lee, alumni
Milca Montañez, MACL VF Team Leader
Michelle Ramage, MDiv Student
Chad M. Cain, MAT '03
Bianca Luna, MDiv, School of Theology
Shirley Wu, MDiv, '06
Byoungchul Joseph Jun, MDiv '98
Jordan Boldt MAICS '11
Dr. Kara Powell, Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute
Justin Gottuso, MDiv 2015
Hyung Jin Pablo Kim Sun, MDiv, '13
Santina Poor, MDiv '16
John Sillcox, MDiv '16
Dr. Michael Pasquarello III, Lloyd J. Ogilvie Professor of Preaching, SOT
Jose Martinez, MAT, '13
Adam Estle, MAGL, '11
Dr. S. Sorensen, SOP Alumni, '11
Mario Bravo-Lamas, MDiv student
Reshale L. Thomas, PsyD, MATM '15
Patrick Butsapu Kakule, MAICS '15
Danielle Faust, MSMFT '13
Audrey Turner MDiv '88
Joanna Raabsmith, MDiv 2013, MFT 2015
Curtis Lehmann, Ph.D '11
Rashida Mosley, PsyD '15
Michelle Park, MAICS student
Rev. Ivan Chung, M.Div., Residential Education, HKPU
Matthew Raabsmith MDiv '13
Sara Gregory, MDiv, School of Theology
Mary Niles, MFTi, alumna
Kaycie Peterman (Wenger) MS, LMFT '13
Michael Jimenez, PhD 2014
Dave Rinker, MAT '12
Sam Ochstein, MDiv student, School of Theology
Shawn Behan ThM-ICS '15
Brandon Hook, MAT '16, Designer at CMA
Jim Taylor, MA, School of Theology, 1981
Rev. Sonia (Geary) Luginbuhl, MAICS, 2004
Kerri Cole, MS MFT 2016
Dr. Peter Lim, Headington Assistant Professor of Global Leadership Development, School of Intercultural Studies
Narae Lee, PhD Student, Clinical Psychology
Julie Way, MSMFT '09
Heather Jones, PsyD Student, SOP
Dr. Philip Classen, SOP alum 1993
Alicia M. Andre, SIS '17
Michaela O'Donnell, PhD Student and Adjunct Instructor of Practical Theology
Helen Ashley Kim MATM
Hana Shin, PhD '11, MAT '10
Marisa Gulbranson Gronholz MDiv '16
J.C. Best MDIV '03, PhD student, School of Theology
Anne Crile, SOP alum 2012
Yok Choi PsyD class of 2007
Kaitlin Schluter, Donor Communications Specialist - DEV Office
Susan Park, PhD, SOP alum '06
Wendy Copeland, LMFT 2010
Sherine Dissanayake, MDiv Student
Charleen Wilder, PsyD, School of Clinical Psychology
Hannah Ewert, PsyD student
Rev. Dr. Ken Uyeda Fong, MDiv '81, DMin '90 SOT, senior pastor of Evergreen Baptist Church of LA, former ED of the Fuller Asian American Center, affiliate adjunct professor of Asian American Church Studies
Dr. Russell Yee, Affiliate Associate Professor of Christian Worship
John R. Loppnow, MFT Alumni 2002
Nadine Sidhom, PsyD, School of Clinical Psychology
Mackenzie Edwards, MAT Alum '10
Rev. Brian Leong MDiv '03
Jennifer Cavanaugh, MAT '11
Kathryn Cheng, Mdiv '15
Wesley R. Dorsett, MA Clinical Psychology '10, MAT Theology & Ministry '11
Kimberly Michael Dorsett, PhD '13
Shawn Zambrows, MDiv '84, DMin '01
Jacky Yang, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Eric J. Miller, Alum 60's, 50 years with InterVarsity/IFES in America and around the world, Resident Missionary in Kenya
Lyndsay Mathews, MAICS 2016
Ian Shen, M.Div. '97
Hajime Nakazawa, M.Div. '97, CEO and Founder of Mustard Seed Academy, Japan & Inspire International, Tokyo, Japan.
Joel Taylor, Alumni SIS 2012
Dr. Catherine Barsotti, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Dr. Robert Johnston, Professor of Theology and Culture
Mike Woodruff, MACCS '11
Dr. Grace Dyrness, Advisory Committee, Latino Center, faculty spouse,
Christopher B. Brooks, Alumni and Adjunct Faculty
Justin Boddie, Alum '08
Rev. Ronald Joel Guerra, Latino Program Coordinator, Southern California District, Church of the Nazarene
Rev. Jenny M Aldana, Pastor in Escondido First Church of the Nazarene (Latino Congregation).
Daniel Lee, MDiv '15
Jennifer LaVecchia, MSMFT '13
Julia Jennings, PsyD '11
Stephanie Obad Schmor, Fuller Alumn
Nathan Myrick, MAT Alum, 2013
Kendra Varnell, Clinical Psych Student
Hasan Izz-Al-Din
Michael Master, MACCS 2011
Melissa Camacho-Cheung, MAT '04
Christie Mossman MATM 2017
Amanda Bixler, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Kristin Ritzau, MACL Alumni, 2006
Anastasia McAteer, MDiv alumna
Dr. Larry A. Dunn, Assoc. Prof., MAT '94
Charissa Chan, MSMFT '08
K. Virginia Christman, MDiv '08
Kristy Sketeris, alumna
Kris Fernhout, MDiv & DMin 2014
Dr. Dan Zomerlei, LMFT, MDiv '10
Annelyse Thomas, MDiv '15
Brad D Strawn, PhD, faculty Clinical Psychology.
Rev. Peggy Good, MDiv. '88
Ryan Gutierrez, MAT '16, Executive Assistant for Vocation and Formation
Will Stoller-Lee, Director, Colorado Regional Campus
Jessica ChenFeng, PhD, LMFT '07
Jesse Steven Wheeler, MDiv. '09
Andreana Wammack MSMFT '11
Grace Goodman, PsyD '15
Dr. Tom Erickson, BD '60
Kerrianne Coe-Renner, MDiv '01
Allen Corben, MAT '88, Assistant Registrar,
Josiah Solis, MAT School of Theology
Denny Wayman, 1997 Alum
Joel Drenckpohl, MDiv '12
H. McCringleberry, MDiv. '88
Clifton Cullen, MAICS '16, Director of Annual Giving
David Haley, MAGL cohort 17
Jason Fallin, Ph.D Student, Theology and Culture
Mariana Zamboni-Sandoval, Ed.M. (Staff, SOT Dean's Office)
Rodney W Foster, MDiv, '16
Christi Martinelli, MAT '13
Amy Kaherl, MA '08
Steve Conrad, MAGL cohort 7
Cheryl Dueck Smith, MFT '98, MAT '04
Andrew C. Wright, M.Div (2008), Ph.D. Candidate, Christian Ethics
Gary Gozinya MDiv '17
Bo Nerr MAGL cohort 17
Martin Estuardo Martinez, Mdiv student
Joseph Kim, Mdiv, alumni 2015
Hak Joon Lee, Professor of Christian Ethics
David Kludt, MDiv (2010), Pastor of Open Door East Bay
Nathan Ritzau, MA MACCS 2012, Office of Distributed Learning
Ryan Newson, Ph.D. '15
Ryan Dahlstrom MDiv 08
Christopher Retts, MAT '11
Rev. Matthew Aughtry, MDiv '16
Lisa Locke MS LMFT alumni 2012
Isaac Gomez (MDiv) Pastor Centro Cristiano Divino Redentor Murrieta, CA
Sheila L. Reeder, MAT 01
Jared Looney, DMiss, alumni 2010
Nancy Power, SWM alum
Emily Schnitger, MSMFT '14
Rosario Orosco, student, Cento Latino
Maritza Gonzales, student, Centro Latino
Rachel Bergman, MDiv Student
BrianJames McMahon, MSMFT student
Ryan Allen White, MDiv.
Ryan Allen White, MDiv 2009
Laura Rold, PsyD, MAT, '15
Gretchen Saalbach, SIS student
Rev. V.R. Marianne Zahn, MDiv '12
Jamie Camphouse, School of Psychology
Joel Short, MDiv 08
Lleslie Johnson student MATM
Emily Peters, Clinical PhD student, School of Psychology
Susan Friesen Cameron, MDiv 2000
Ernesto R. Soriano (Mdiv) Pastor, Grupo Integracion-Monrovia, Ca
Michelle McCreary Hake, MAT '11
Luz Espinoza, Biblical Studies
Thomas Steers MA Miss. '79
Disi Zhu, MAICS, Alumni 2016
Allison Wiltshire, Research Administrator STAR office
Gianna Kozel, PhD Student, School of Psychology
Joy J. Moore, Assistant Professor of Preaching
Douglas Sandoval, M.Div Student
Craig Hendrickson, ThM (SIS), PhD Candidate (SIS), Adjunct Instructor (SOT)
Melissa J.S. Thach, MAICS Student
Grace Chen, PhD Student, School of Psychology
Dr. Charles W. Christian, Affiliate Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics
Erika Lara Guzman, PsyD '15
Dr. Joseph A. Manickam, '07, Director, Institute of Religion, Culture & Peace, Payap University
Richard Goodwin, alumnus (MAT '12)
Thomas Olsen, MAT Student
Jennell N. May, School of Theology, MATM student
Jonathan D Reeves, PhD Clinical Psychology, MAT, Fuller alumni
Deborah Kielsmeier, DMin. '15
Dina Gonzalez-Pina, MA-Urban Leadership 2015
Laura Benson MAT Student
Luke Malski, MAT '07,
Dan Bayer - Associate Pastor - L.A. First Church of the Nazarene - Filler M Div 1983
Bert Newton, M. Div. alumnus 1998
Helen Lim Director of Operations for SIS Korean Studies
Dr. Paul S. Olver, alumni, MA '95
Dr. Sean Love, Postdoctoral Intern School of Psychology
Matthew Engle, Associate and High School Pastor of The River Church of the South Bay, Fuller alumni, (MDiv 2016)
Katherine Welch, MFT alumni
Capt Luke Davidiuk, PsyD, Clinical Psychology
Leah Fortson, PhD Student, Clinical Psychology
Daniel Pearce, DO, AAHIVS, FACOI
Allyson Buice, M.S. MFT 2011
Delia Chamberlain, MA '10
Lexa Merlo, Centro Latino, Admissions and Student Affairs Advisor
Wendy Edwards, MS, MFT '11
Tobin Huff, MATM student
Pramil Aruldoss, MAICS '14
Leslie Mann Hall , MSMFT, MAT '11
Jeremy Smoak, Affiliate Faculty
Anne Reed Lange MAT '05, MDiv '08
Clare Ferguson, MDiv 2015
Dale Loepp, Affiliate Faculty
Megan Lundgren, MS MFT '08
Keaton Andreas, MAICS '11 Alumni
Peter Taehoon Lee
Enock De Assis, alumni
Peter T. Lee, M. Div. 2001
Wilma Jakobsen MDiv 1987
Jay Keim, MAT '07
Dr. Geordan Hammond (MAT '03)
Kelley Bolton, Psy.D. '11
Ashli G Kurian, PhD SOP '16, MACL '16
Jennifer Taylor Winterfeld, MAT '07
Rev. Mary Klaehn, MDiv 1988; Theology Graduate Union President 87-88
Lisa Lunt, M.A., 1995
Carol Martin, mentor and tutor
Jan Kennedy MA '92, MFT '94
Dr. Matthew Colwell, MDiv Alumnus and Adjunct Instructor
Josh Gradwohl, Alumni
Timothy Founds, MDiv '15
Andrés Chou, PsyD, School of Psychology
Eric Larson, PhD, SOP alumnus, 1994
Joseph Toruno, PhD Student, Clinical Psychology
Brian Hong, ThM student
Rev. Jonathan Doctorian, Associate Pastor, MDiv 2017,
Dorothea DeGroot, MAICS 1995
Kelly L.C. Russell MAT '87
Lindy Williams, MAT 2008 and Vocational Advisor
Cynthia Tupas, Accounts and Lease Properties Adminstrator Fuller Housing Services
Dr. Paul W. Kennedy, MA 1985
Sara Hunt-Felke, MDiv'15
Philip Classen, Ph.D. (Alumni, SOP, 1993)
Thomas Hunt-Felke, MDiv, Ph.D. 2016
Sarah Lapenta-H, MDiv '08
Dr. Alison Wong, staff, School of Psychology
Morgan Baylor (Rawson), MACCS '12
Bill Wilkin MDiv Alumni '15
Amy Jacober, PhD, 2003
Cynthia L. Davis, Ph.D., SOP alum
Aaron Dorsey, MDiv Student
Kyle David Bennett, PhD alumnus, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Caldwell University
Revd Dr Claire Nye Hunter alumni 1991
Brittany Henricks, MDiv '15, MSMFT '16
Rev. Celeste Handy, former student, Colorado extension campus
James T. Butler, Senior Associate Professor of Old Testament
Irene Cho, Program Manager, Fuller Youth Institute
John C. Bangs, M.Div Alum, Affiliate Faculty, and Northwest Regional Campus Director
Sheri Park, Fuller alumna
Brandon G. Smith, M.Div Student, Fuller Texas
Dr. Tad DeLay, MAT '12
Paul Blakesley, MDiv '07, Alumni
Michael McNichols, DMin, Director of Fuller Orange County
Matt Wilson, MDiv Alum
Don Thomas, MD, SWM (SIS), 1971
Bethany Fitelson, MAT Alumna
Ruth McIntyre, MDiv '04
Gareth Mayhew, MAICS '12
Ryan Fowler, MACCS '10
Joyce del Rosario, student, PhD SIS
Inge-Lise Titheradge MAICS, Director of Housing Services & Residential Community
Kashira Turner, Alumni MAT '15
Christopher Engelmann, Ph.D student, School of Clinical Psychology
Kathryn Engelmann, Program Coordinator for Church Planting and DMiss
Sam Martin, MAT '11
Kris Newman Urban Youth Certificate '15
Syd Shook, MAT '15
Melvin and Ada Valiente, Senior Pastors at First Baptist Church of Maywood
Samuel Ekong, MDiv '15
Joshua Raskin, MDiv '10, Alumni
David Pyo, Ph.D candidate, SOP
Amy Schoenthal, MAT '08
Alan Claassen Thrush, MDiv '06
Hamid Shahosaini, Fuller Alumni, MAT 2016
Rev. John Liotti, MAICS '16
Nicole Blakesley, PsyD '12, alumni
Stephanie Banuelos, PhD student, School of Clinical Psychology
Jim Rispin, Director of ITS, MAT '97
Stacy Tomson Rispin, MDiv '97
Deon T Standlee, MACCS, 1996
Simon Castagna, MAICS '12
Joel Shenk. M.Div 2010
Ryan Roberts, MDiv '10
Dr. Jon Lemmond, MDiv 1999
Brent Walmsley, MDiv, 2009
Nadine C. Cole, Ph.D., 1991 alum
Denise K. Castle, MAT, 2006
Cynthia Jackson Kelartinian, PhD, Alumni
Brian McPhail, MACCS '10
Sandi Drinkward - former student
Kevin J. Villegas (alumnus, MACL 2012)
Glenn R Molina, MA-WTA '09
Krystel Porter, MACCS '07
Laura Pinho, MAICS 2003
Rev. Charles Timothy Eby-McKenzie, MA, LMFT
Juhie Shinn, MAT '98, Alum
Miriam Foley - urban youth ministry certificate '16
Jim & Kay Capps
Samson ADOUNGBE, Customer Service Manager
Daphne Fowler, MACCS '08 alum
Mitzen Okada Black, PsyD 2011
Amy Lynn Goldhammer, 2010
Graham Cyster alum
Hanne Roberts, MACCS 2010
Armando Tello, student
Kirsty Bortnik, PhD '11, MAT '11
Sheryl Ryan, PhD, 2015
George Van Alstine, M Div 1960, ThM 1962, Pastor of Altadena Baptist Church for 45 years
Andrea Gacs M.A.T. Biblical Studies & M.A.T. Theology & Ethics '12
Ryan Seow, PhD student, SIS
Patience Ahmed, SOP, student
Cory Peacock, PhD (Fuller MAT-ANE, 2002) Sonoran Theological Group
Erin Howard, MAT '17
Byung-Joo (BJ) Lee, MAT '17
David Stutzman, MAICS 2011
Abigail V Schricker, APU, student
Antonide Vilbrun, SOT, Student
Matthew Schmitt, Student
Will Quay, MAICS 2014
John Camden, PhD student, Old Testament Theology
Jason Chu, SIS, student currently on leave.
Alexandra Moon MAICS '14
Rebecca Turner, Alumni '16 School of Psychology
Matt Chegash, MDiv Student
Elizabeth Leu, alum
Beth Jones, MDiv '92, ThM '01
Garrett Russell, M.A.
Jorge A. Carrión B/A Pastoral Study UTPR
Ryan C. Brown, MATM 2017
Woo Chang Kim, PhD SOP '16 Alumni
Sonia Mims, MA SOP student
Ben Wideman, MDiv '11
MinAh Oh, MAT student
Alexander Han, Mdiv student
Bobby Harrison, MDiv '17
Sarah K. Finkel, MDiv '15
Mwerapusa Mawindo (Student)
Minor Escalante. M.Div. 2015
Connie Cobb MDiv 2016
Drew Rehfeld, alumni
Joel Harrison, MAT '12
Jeanette Lantz, Ph.D., '09
Oscar Holzmeister, MDiv Stud
Ingrid Melendez, MACCS/MAT
Charmaine Jordann Nah, MAT 2016
Ines Velasquez McBryde, MDiv student, School of Theology
Matt Jones, PhD SOT student, MAT '15
Drew Brannon, M. Div. 2009
Ally Kern, MDiv (eq.) 2016, Vocation Formation Leader
Quentin P. Kinnison, Affiliate Faculty & Alumnus (PhD 2008)
PJ Johnson Mdiv Co-TGU President 2016-17
Mayra Macedo-Nolan, local Pasadena Pastor & CCDA Board Chair
Sara Lawson, MAT 2010, MDiv 2015
Patti Anderson, MDiv alumni
Dr. Sergio Navarrete - MDiv, 1991
Natalie Crommett, PsyD Student, School of Psychology
Evan E. Bassett, Ph.D. Student, Emory University (Fuller MAT '15)
Lydia Lockhart, MDiv 2018
Jenny Reyes Siaw, Ph.D. Clinical psychology student
Raul Reyes Sr. Pastor Family worship center
Caila Diehl Rinker, M.Div 2012
Carla Brewington, DMiss 2011
Nathanael E. Collins, PhD Student
Ryan C. Van Wyk - PsyD 2010, MAT 2012
Christina Pfister, alumna
Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil, alumni, MDiv '84
Jose Manuel Serrano, Alumni
Shea Nakamura, MFT 2010
Anna Gorman, Alumni
Diana Wilburn, Student Theology, Worship and the Arts, Brehm Center
Irery Serrano, alumni
Heather Patterson Meyer, PsyD 2014
William Leese, MDiv '91
Rev. José Antonio Feo Arte Community Church
Dr. Otoniel Cermeno M.Div 2006
Sarah Lehner, MAT '00, former Academic Advisor for SOT
Amanda Miller, MAT student
Laura Terasaki, MDiv '14
Nathan Glaze, MAGL '13
Kristen Shimabukuro MAT '17
Micah Pierre Palpant, MAT '12
Carlos Santoyo M. Div, student.
Amanda R. Baughman, MACCS '09
Jürg Hürlimann MAT 2000
Andrew Girton, MAT '07
Melanie Chow, MDiv '93
David K. Baughman, MACCS 2007
Renae M. Dupuis, MDiv '13
Samuel Ansong Mdiv 2016
Rev. Nancy Sugikawa, alumni, MDiv '00
Nehemias Romero, MAT '15
Freddy Chacko MDiv MaICS '17 FTS
John C. Richards, Jr., alumnus
Donovan Waller MDiv 2009
Matthew D. Taylor, MAT '12
John E Anderson, MDiv '85
David Leong, MSMFT, '16
Edden Agonafer, PsyD student, School of Psychology
Anita Lehmann Sorenson (alum)
Khalid J. McKinley, MDiv. '07, MACCS '09
Allison Parsley, Staff, School of Psychology
Anina Minotto,Donor Care Coordinator, Development Office
David Augsburger, Senior Professor
Rev. Suzanne F. McCall, Friend
Steve Holt, MDiv '12
Katherine Lee, MAT '12
Missy Reed, MDiv student & Vocational Advisor
Susan Farrar, staff
Inge-Lise Titheradge MAICS alum, Director of Housing
Mary Ellen Azada, MDiv, MEduc, ED Call Discernment
Toni Krabill, MAICS '09, PhD '21
Aaron Stamper, M.Div '09
Carmen Valdes, MDiv '95
Yolanda Chávez Estudiante MDiv Vice-presidenta MDLA, 2016-17 (Centro Latino)
Tyson J. Grubb, MA (SOP '06), Department of Campus Safety
Tara Foreman, MDiv '07
Karleen Jung, MDiv 2014
Kenji Kobayashi, MAICS '07
Coba Canales, MDiv '11
Anne Lee, MFT '03, MAT '04
Kerri N Martin, MDiv 2008
Rev. Christopher The, MDiv '09, PhD (ABD)
Broderick Leaks, PhD '09
Alex Hardt, MDiv, Theology School
Rev. Adriana Sybenga, MDiv'00
Ann Turnock, MDiv '76
Dr. Donald A. Westbrook, Adjunct Professor of Church History
Sheridan Richards, M.Div. '11
Trey L. Clark, MDiv '16
Paulo Cândido de Oliveira, PhD SIS Student
Todd E. Johnson, Associate Professor of Worship, Theology, and the Arts
Marsha Lee, MAT '05
Annika Buxman, De Milo Design, South Pasadena, CA
Reverend Charles W. Barker, MDiv '81
Dr. Catherine F. Barker, PhD and MDiv '81
John C. Richards, Jr., alumnus
Rev. Erika Haub, MDiv '05
Jessica Jasitt, MAICS Student, School of Intercultural Studies
Frederick David Carr, MDiv 2009
Dr. Robert Chao Romero, Adjunct Professor
Grace Manuel-Obot, DMin Student, MDiv 2008 (SOT)
Andrew Neel, MAT '16
Yoshiki Tsukamoto, MDiv student
Allie Bowne Schreiner, MFT '03
Rev. Jim Raines, M.Div. 1980
Claudia Marin-Austin, MDiv Student, School of Theology
Dr. J.B. Robinson, PhD Alumni 2015
Alexine Thompson-de Benoit, M.S. MFT 2003
Andrea Davis, PhD in Clinical Psychology, 1989, MA in Theology, 1989,
Rev. Jonathan Barker M.div. '12
Sid Sybenga, D Min 2005
Dr. Stephen E Young, Assistant Professor of New Testament Studies, Profesor del Centro Latino
Denise H. Muller, MAT '08
James Pendleton, Adjunct Professor, Ph.D. Candidate (SOT)
Alfred G. Moss, UW JD 1967
Matthew Benton, MAT 2002
Rev. Dr. Nancy L. Steeves, M.Div 1981
Laura M. Benton, M.S., LMFT (2003)
Jieyi Zhang, MS, LMFT 2000
Joy Jia I Chung, MS, LMFT 2008
Marissa A. Letscher, MDIV (2007)
Joe Elenbaas, MAT 2008
Jeanette Beland Student MDiv
Genie Cormode, staff
Hillary R. Evans, MAT 2005
Frances Y. Yeh, MSMFT 2008
David Bayne, MAT Alum (97)
Emily Peters, PhD student, SOP
Stacy Nofziger, MAICS student
C. Blair Skinner, LMFT, MSMFT 2001
Luke Lorenzini, MAICS student
Elizabeth Welsh, PhD, alumna
Rachel Langford, PsyD 2014, Assistant Clinical Faculty
Edette Nichols, MAT 2006
Katie McEachern MAT '18
Rev. Ian Macdonald, MDiv 2014
Angie Paek, MAICS student, School of Intercultural Studies
Patrick Wallace, MDiv student
Jim Lee, MDiv 2014
Alix Riley, MDiv 2015
Lyndsey Waters, MDiv 2005, MFT, 2007
Denette Boyd-King, PhD Student, School of Psychology
Catherine Sagos Kelley, MDiv 2014
Tim Black, MDiv student
Rev. Canon Jamesetta Glosson Hammons, MPastoral Ministry 2006
Lyndsey Waters, MDiv 2005, MFT, 2007
Anthony S Junod, Ph.D., SOP '16
Ashley McCleery, MSMFT 2014, MICS 20111
Mary Schuberg, PsyD Student, School of Psychology
Rev. David Avramovich MDiv 2007
Tim Neufeld, DMin 2011
Ron Allchin, Supervising Producer, Fuller Studio
Rev. Dr. George Haugen
Joshua Lim, MAT alumni 09
Megan Moody, MAT student
Ingrid Melendez, MACCS ('14) MAT ('16)
Shannon Sigler, Assistant Director, Fuller Institute for Theology and Northwest Culture, Seattle
Lauralee Farrer, Storyteller and Chief Creative
Trevor Dillon Reichle, journalist
Tiffany Renteria-Vazquez M.A. student
Tom Parker, Fuller Arizona
J.D. Neal, MAT Student
Robert English, MDiv '13
Linsey Potter ThM
Amanda Cassil, PhD
Eva Haiming Xu, MAT '16
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