GNAT Custom Measurements
Measurements for the Corazon Bra and more! The Bra features a mini harness that holds the heart in place, and this harness is shaped like the letter Y. This method allows the pastie to pull up fuller breasts and lift them to seem supported and perky. As I designer, I use your measurements to figure out a tight, supportive fit. Give true measurements please. I'll be shortening and redistributing the straps so that your breasts are tightly held.
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Under Bust Measurement in Inches
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Breast Fullness for Heart Pastie (Bottom): from the center of your nipple, straight down. How many inches from your nipple, around the fullness of your breast, til you hit your ribcage.
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Breast fullness for Heart Pastie (top). think of this as the letter "Y". From the center of your nipple, how many inches from your nipple to your center-front (or sternum) around your breast, til you hit your ribcage.
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Pastie Size
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