Application for "Smart City Student Challenge"
The Smart City Student Challenge is an opportunity to take part in a unique competition.
Teams of 6 students, two from Malaga University, two from University of Split and two from Middlesex University will form teams to define a problem, need or pain and suggest a solution in any one of seven key areas. The areas are:

(1)Internet of Things (IoT), (2) Smart housing, (3) Smart mobility, (4) Smart manufacture, (5) Smart environment, (6) Smart healthcare and (7) Smart citizens.

Application – must be submitted before 23:59 14th October 2018!

Awards will be provided to the students in the top teams by their retrospective universities, with award ceremony during Global Entrepreneurship Week (November 12th-18th, 2018.)

A review panel from EDH@MDX will select students to represent Middlesex University and a similar panel will select the students in Malaga University and in University of Split. Smart City Student Challenge judges will use your responses to the following questions. The judges are looking for articulate, honest and insightful responses. Keep each answer to 250 words or less.

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The Smart City Student Challenge involves working with teammates in the UK, Spain and Croatia. List three actions that you would do to ensure team success. *
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Identify a new product or service innovation that you either use or would has impressed you with its innovation. Explain why you use it or why it impresses you. For example, what makes it unique? What need or problem is the product/service fixing? *
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How will you make time for the Smart City Student Challenge? The Challenge will be added work and effort on top of your classes and obligations. *
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Describe participation in entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation or creativity courses or clubs that you think have helped prepare you for the Smart City Student Challenge. *
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All accepted applicants will be notified by email on 15th and 16th of October.
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