Music In Our School's Month Survey (Nessacus)
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Did you play an instrument or sing in school? *
What grade levels did you play or sing? Did you stay with it?
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If you played, what instrument did you play?
If you participated in music, what is your best memory of participating in band, chorus, music class?
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Do you think music is an important subject in schools? If so, why? (optional)
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Parents: What do you want your child to know about how YOU feel about their involvement with music?
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How Playing an instrument benefits the Brain.
Research shows that playing an instrument (and singing/performing music) has a powerful affect on the brain and learning. How likely is this information to motivate you to influence your child to stay with music in high school and beyond? *
Do you still play an instrument or sing today? If so, please share your current involvement with music.
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In your opinion, how important is it for schools to provide music courses so that students who are not in band or chorus have access to music learning?
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Absolutely Important
Please feel free to add additional comments here. Thank you!
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