AI Readiness Quiz
Are you curious about how you can leverage AI to transform your business? Before you begin to invest in resources to build AI solutions, you need to have a solid foundation of data, technology, expertise, process, and culture to maximize that investment. This quick quiz will help you determine if you’re ready to embark on an AI journey.
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The right skill set is essential to your AI journey. Consider your team.
We have in-house data science and/or ML engineering expertise. *
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We have a Chief Data Officer, CIO, CTO or similar senior role focused on data. *
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We have executive support for AI initiatives. *
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Weak or inefficient processes won’t be improved by automation. Consider the state and purpose of your current business processes.
Our business processes are well defined and stable. *
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We value data as a corporate asset. *
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Integrated technologies that leverage the Cloud are foundational for AI success. What technologies do you currently use?
Our organization uses Cloud-based technologies. *
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Our systems are integrated, with viable, effective data-sharing. *
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Machine learning algorithms require vast amounts of categorized data. How does your organization handle data?
Our data is clean and well organized. *
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We have data governance processes in place. *
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AI spurs transformation. Can your team embrace an evolutionary culture?
Our culture encourages cross-functional collaboration. *
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Our organization prioritizes and funds R&D initiatives and PoCs. *
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