Welcome to the Floating Point Group
If you’re reading this, you’ve arrived here for a reason.
We like you already.

Welcome to Floating Point Group, where we are restructuring the future of cryptocurrency. We are an infrastructure provider linking exchanges, dark pools, traders, and custody providers through AI-driven smart order routing in the most seamless and efficient manner imaginable.

We’re a group of doers and we appreciate you, our fellow doer, who took the initiative to land on this page. We’ve got a rocket ship and we’re preparing to launch into orbit. In order to get a seat aboard, you don’t need to be a crypto geek or a blockchain evangelist. In fact, there’s only one thing that’s a nonnegotiable: Show up ready to build.

If you think you can change the world with us, let us know! It’s alright if you don’t fit the precise criteria of any of the following positions. For the right person, we can create a suitable position. Show us your enthusiasm, your passion, your work ethic, and your talent. We’re looking for nice hackers and gritty hustlers who will do damn near anything to get the job done.

P.S. No business attire allowed in the interviewing process (tuxedos are fine though)

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