A Demand for Florida to Accept Federal Medicaid Expansion Funds

By signing below, we as individuals and organizations demand that the Florida House of Representatives, the Florida Senate, and Governor Rick Scott accept the federal funds to expand Medicaid without privatization in Florida and provide health care to its neediest citizens.

● Under the Affordable Care Act, Florida would receive 100% of the funds necessary to expand Medicaid for the first 3 years and 90% thereafter.

● Florida could gain $50 billion in additional revenue over the next 10 years to expand Medicaid but refused the funds in 2013.

● This expansion of Medicaid would cover nearly an additional 1 million Floridians who would otherwise remain uninsured.

● Medicaid expansion will benefit individuals and families living at or below the poverty level by providing health care for those people who otherwise cannot afford it.

● Accepting the federal funds for Medicaid expansion could potentially provide more than 70,000 new jobs in all sectors of Florida’s economy.

● In anticipation of Medicaid expansion, funding for hospitals that are mandated to cover uncompensated emergency room care was cut, leaving these facilities without resources to cover uninsured Floridians.

● If Florida does not accept these federal funds, its taxpayers are providing $5 billion to the states which do accept it, without receiving anything in return.

● There is no economic basis for Florida’s failure to accept funds to cover the neediest of its citizens and its continued refusal is unjustified and cruel.

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